Tate: Not Fearful of Any Challenge

Tate is fine with teams having a better grasp on him the second time around

Q: Did you see some things on film from the Purdue-Notre Dame game that you liked?

Drew Tate: Yeah. Notre Dame did a great job executing their scheme and there is no reason why we can't do the same. I am sure Purdue has had this game circled on their calendar since last year and it will take a team effort to beat them.

Q: Is winning away from Kinnick the next step for this team?

Tate: You have to focus harder on the road, it's harder to communicate. Every Big Ten stadium is loud, especially there.

Q: How badly does this team need to prove it can win on the road?

Tate: I don't think we have to prove anything; we just have to go play. That is it, leave it on the field.

Q: Purdue was the place where you first played, right?

Tate: Yeah, I think a couple of plays. I don't even remember.

Q: Do you remember the stadium?

Tate: They have a big ole press box. Their fans are pretty into it. It's not the biggest stadium, but it's pretty loud. I remember the train whistle.

Q: Do you think teams, now getting a second look at you, have made it harder for you?

Tate: I am sure they have. This is my second time through, and they know what kind of player I am. But I don't think they are going to change too much of what they are going to do. Our offense, we are the same as we were last year. Defenses are no different.

Q: Why do these teams (Iowa and Purdue) match up so well?

Tate: I don't know, I have only really played in one.

Q: What worries you most this week?

Tate: They have great athletes, great schemes and very experienced players and they all know what to do. They know their assignments. Their offense does a good job putting points on the board helping the defense out. Nothing scares me; we just have to focus on the little things, watch a lot of film and know what they are going to do out of certain formations.

Q: Their pass defense ranks last in the Big 10 through all games; is this a good time to open things up on offense?

Tate: It could be. I don't know. I was not in the staff meeting yesterday in the game plan and I will find out today what we are going to do. That is pretty much it.

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