Anamosa, to Mason City to Kinnick Stadium

Marshal Yanda takes long, strange trip but all is well that ends well

Q: You were able to step in right away last week at a new position; what was it that allowed you to do that?

Marshal Yanda: Just that week of practice before. We had two good days of practice Tuesday and Wednesday, and those were learning days in getting better. Tuesday was sort of tough, but Wednesday was sharper. That helped a lot.

Q: Did you expect to red shirt when you got here?

Yanda: I had no idea. I didn't know what to expect. I came in and kept my head down and worked hard to see what would happen.

Q: You took the trip to Mason City for a few years (NIACC); how did you end up here?

Yanda: I don't know. I went to Mason City and played college football. I played two years there and did the same thing as I have here. I worked hard and put as much into it as I could. Iowa found me there.

Q: Did Iowa contact you first?

Yanda: I am not really for sure on all that. My head coach could have called them, but they talked to me my freshman year a little bit and they got a hold of me after my sophomore year film.

Q: What doors were open for you coming out of high school?

Yanda: Not too many, because Iowa and Iowa State were a little interested, but I did not have the grades out of high school. My mind was not right and I was not into it. It was junior college or nothing.

Q: What did you do differently in Junior College?

Yanda: I definitely took a different approach and grew up a lot after high school. I decided I wanted to play college football and I worked hard from then on and just has hard in the classroom as on the field.

Q: How is the level of football there?

Yanda: It's a lot different coming in here and playing. The competition and practicing, it is harder there too. So that makes you a better player.

Q: How big were the stadiums?

Yanda: We played in high school stadiums. If you were lucky, maybe 300 people showed up. It is pretty much the parents. You don't have a lot of fans for the junior college.

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