Q & A: Albert Young & Bryan Mattison

Young is hitting his stride, while Mattison talks of taking emotion into the Purdue game


Q: You seem to be settling in nicely.

Albert Young: Yeah. I am getting into a little groove. Every game, gelling with the offensive line, I am getting more comfortable with that. We are improving.

Q: With guys shifting up front, how does that change things for you?

Young: Not at all. I didn't even know they made any changes last week, to be honest. I was not paying too much attention to that. I probably noticed it on one play when I saw Mike Jones being the lead player on a play. That was when I first noticed it. Nothing changes for me.

Q: What about from last year to this year, so many playing offensive linemen playing different positions?

Young: I was out there for two games last year, so I would not be able to tell you. You are probably better off asking Simmons. I didn't get a chance to gel with those guys. But it's a challenge for guys to change positions. I think you saw last week they did a good job up front, so they are picking it up good.


Q: Looking at Purdue, we know what kind of offense they run. They like doing a lot of different things.

Bryan Mattison: Yeah they do. I have not watched much film, I start that today. We have to get after them and prepare hard.

Q: Is the defensive line starting to come together?

Mattison: I think we took a step this last weekend, but by no means are we there. We have a long way to go and we need to keep working.

Q: When you see guys like Abdul and Chad being 1-2 in tackles, does that tell you that they are incredible linebackers or does it tell you that maybe you guys are missing some things?

Mattison: I don't know that you look at it that way. I think they are great linebackers. There are tackles we are missing, but they are just great players.

Q: What worries you most about Purdue?

Mattison: They have a great offense. I didn't watch too much of the game the other night, but they can really move the ball. That game the other night can't show you much. You have to be ready for them.

Q: A great rushing attack, surprising for Purdue.

Mattison: We are just going to prepare for both the run and pass. We will play hard.

Q: You used the term missed tackles, are you seeing that on film?

Mattison: Yeah, there are times when we are getting to the guy and we are not taking him down. We practice it, and we are not taking things from practice to the games. That is our fault. We have to get after it more.

Q: Is it a matter of intensity?

Mattison: There is some intensity involved. I don't think if you miss a tackle that means you are not intense.

Q: After the game, Kenny said that at halftime coaches talked about playing with more emotion. How do you carry that to next game?

Mattison: I was talking to some of the guys in the locker room after the game. It is a process for us defensive linemen. Now we know the emotion we need. Some of us didn't know it before. We have to come out the way we ended the game.

Q: Does that make you feel like you can do that coming into this game?

Mattison: It felt good on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. That was the first time this year that I looked back and felt like it was a fun game. Now we have to do the same thing each week.

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