Greenway Will Play Where Ever They Want Him

Senior doing all that he can to help the team win, including spending some time at defensive end

Q: What do you say about your buddy Abdul Hodge being honored by the Big Ten?

Chad Greenway: It's awesome. I don't think he has gotten one of those in his career, and I am sure that he has more than one deserved game. I am excited for him.

Q: Do you two have any competition going with tackles?

Greenway: No. This year, it has shifted more to trying to get better as a defense and we are not focusing on those things. We haven't been playing up to our capabilities and I think we are more focused on that. Hopefully we can get to the point at the end of the year that we can have some fun with it.

Q: Do you guys know you are 1-2 in tackles in the Big Ten?

Greenway: I have been told, but it's not something we are worried about right now. We have been up there at the top the last couple of years, and as a linebacker, our defense is shaped for us to be up there. If we are not making the tackles, there are bigger plays against us. That is just us doing our job.

Q: Did you sit down and watch Purdue on Saturday?

Greenway: Yeah. The first half did not look like Purdue, and in the second half they looked pretty explosive and dangerous. Give Notre Dame credit, they came into a tough environment and played well in the first half and got a cushion. We know what Purdue has and how good they are. They are incredible in all areas and it will be tough to go there and get a win.

Q: Does their spread offense concern you?

Greenway: No. We have seen that in the past from them and from other teams. But they threw the option in now. It will be a good challenge. That is why you play at this level, to play good teams.

Q: Seems like you guys always have good games with Purdue. Why is it that these two programs match up?

Greenway: I think we respect Purdue and maybe its likewise. If I were to pick a team that resembles what we represented the last few years as far as toughness and a tough team, a team that overachieves, I would say Purdue would be that team. We are on the same plane as them. I think that is why it's such a great series, because it's two physical teams coming together and squaring off.

Q: Is your playing some defensive end something you suggested?

Greenway: That is something that we tried. Norm told me to do it, so I am doing what I am told. It was tiring, I will tell you that. Give those guys credit; when you are rushing the passer every down, which is different.

Q: So you are not going to change positions, are you?

Greenway: I will do what I am told. I am never above that. I don't think anyone is on this team and I think that for us to be successful, we have to do what is asked of us. Wherever they want me, I will do it.

Q: It seems like the defensive line grew up a little bit on Saturday.

Greenway: That has been evident the last few weeks. It will continue. They are playing pretty good right now. Maybe they are not getting the pressure like the way Roth did, but it's coming. They know that and they are working hard each day to get to that point. They were here when we had some of those great players in the past and they know what to do. They have done it in practice and now they are working to take it to the games and they are getting close.

Q: It's amazing what a win did for mood around here, everyone is happier today, a few more smiles.

Greenway: Coach (Norm) Parker says there is nothing in the world that a win can't cure. That is the attitude you bring in. After a loss, it doesn't matter if you played well. When you win, even if you play bad, it feels good. Now we have to play to our abilities the rest of the way.

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