Purdue Postgame: Johnson, Paschal

Iowa's secondary went up against one of the best passing attacks in the Big Ten on Saturday. Read what Marcus Paschal and Jovon Johnson had to say following the win in these premium updates.

Jovon Johnson

Q: Can you talk about the defense stood up? Only giving up 17 points to an offense like that.

Jovon Johnson: Purdue is a quick-hitter offense, so to be able to go out there and contain them to 17 points is something special for us. They went down the field on that first drive like it was their job, and we came out in the second series and really stepped it up. We had guys flying around, we took it personally. We made strides today as a defense, we really stepped up.

Q: The size was obviously was a disadvantage to guys, how did you contain Ingraham, and Bryant for that matter?

Johnson: We just go out there and do the things we do best, play secondary with a lot of down coverage. Guys like Dorian Bryant obviously causes problems for a defense, we just have to try and contain him. He made plays, but we eliminated the big play for them. He didn't hurt us as much as everybody thought he would.

Q: Does this feel like a stepping stone that you can use to continue this kind of performance?

Johnson: Definitely, we've got to keep these performances up. Our offense has got to play that way, our defense has to keep them on the field when they're not. We just have to step up and play defense the way we know how.

Marcus Paschal

Q: (Ed Miles) he did about everything he could (to get the interception)

Marcus Paschal: Yeah, yeah he did.

Q: What he did well was drag his toe.

Paschal: Yeah, that's what we talked about on the sideline. Who would have thought "Ed Miles", we're always joking with him during practices and things, telling him he needs to catch more balls.

Q: Do you feel like you guys played with more energy today? It seemed like even when they drove down the field on the opening drive, you guys just seemed more into it.

Paschal: I think today was a big day for us because all week we felt last week we took a step. This week we knew we had to keep progressing as the week went on. Abdul is a great leader for us because he's always on us, telling us some games we're off and he's let us know we're not playing like we know we can play and today we came out and played and made another step towards being a better team.

Q: They drive all the way down the field on you guys, then you really recovered. What changed?

Paschal: I think a lot of people just calmed down. We first got out there and a lot of people were just ready to just go at them. Everybody started to calm down, just play their techniques and execute.

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