Purdue Postgame: Greenway, Miles

Chad Greenway and Edmond Miles combined for one of the most spectacular plays of the season in West Lafayette on Saturday. Read what they had to say about it in this premium update.

Chad Greenway

Q: (On the tip that lead to the interception)

Chad Greenway: That's what I got called for in the UNI game, remember that call? I just saw it and tipped with my whole hand. I thought Ed hit it, I didn't think he caught it, I thought he knocked it down or whatever. He landed on top of me and I saw the guy doing the touchback signals. Never been happier in my life.

Q: Easily your biggest win of the season right here?

Greenway: Without a doubt. Nothing against the teams we beat, but to come in here and win on the road. We needed it so bad this year, and we grew up a lot today. I think our offense played great, and our defense, we played shaky at times but we got off the field when we had to. They had those two drives, but other than that, we got off the field. When they drive on you and you can keep it to a field goal, that's a victory for you. It was huge, our D-Line played great today, you can really see them coming along.

Q: After the first drive, did some red flags go up, did you guys get nervous?

Greenway: I think that was the difference today. We gave that first drive, but we knew they couldn't sustain that the whole game. We made some changes, once our offense came out and Clint made that play, we knew right away it was going to be a different type of ballgame. We weren't going to do the same type of thing as Ohio State and Iowa State. It seemed like we were a lot more grown-up today, a lot more mature as a team, and we played like it.

Q: Your coverage was tested today.

Greenway: Yeah, they spread you our all game. Bryant is faster than Ginn on the football field, in my opinion. He's out there, he can scat, he's fast as heck. In the conference, there hasn't been a better throwing team, so we did alright against it. We didn't play our best game, but we did OK.

Q: Just repetition, is that where the improvement came from?

Greenway: I think just us getting back to fundamentals in practice. That's what has helped us in the past, I think that's what's helping us this year. I think we just kneed to continue to work like that. We're not where we need to be right now, but this win helps to draw confidence and helps us when we go on the road. I think it's really just like we thought at the beginning of the year, we just need to keep working, keep getting better.

Edmond Miles

Edmond Miles: You've got to earn it wherever you go. You've got to come in and play your (style of) football. At any given time, the game can switch over, so many different times, you've just got to be ready to go.

Q: Did you see Chad tip the ball?

Miles: I didn't see him tip the ball, I saw the ball tipped, I was wondering if he got his hand in there. All I saw was the ball up in the air and I just tried to get the ball.

Q: When you got it, did you know your foot was in?

Miles: Yeah, I knew my foot was in. I would have been pretty mad if they had reversed the call.

Q: (What was the difference in the team this week?)

Miles: Today, it seemed like we played football, we played Iowa football. A lot of guys were out there running around, making plays, just playing with emotion and having fun, that's what Iowa football is all about.

Q: Has that been lacking?

Miles: Yeah, a lot.

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