Purdue Postgame: Tate, Melloy

Drew Tate achieved a career high in passing yards this week against Purdue. Read what he and one of his receivers had to say in this premium update.

Drew Tate

Q: Talk about Clinton Solomon's performance.

Drew Tate: Great job, a competitor. He wants the ball every play, he did a great job getting rolled up on, hitting a guy that was him, almost getting knocked out. The guys' a competitor, wants to win.

Q: Is this easily the biggest win of the season to date?

Tate: Yeah, you know there's going to be plenty more. Every game we play from now on is going to be just as big as the last one.

Q: Coach has been kind of talking about this team looking for its identity, did you guys find it a bit today?

Tate: I don't know, I would say, you know, we're all competitors. Nobody's quitting, you saw on the first drive, they took it right down and scored. We had third and long and I just slipped a pass into Clint and he just outran everyone. All of us, special teams, backups, offense, defense, we're all fighting to win.

Q: Obviously the injury to Ed Hinkel kinds of put a damper on this win?

Tate: Yeah. It is, he's a leader, a great player, everyone's following him. Next man in, and Melloy did a good job.

Q: Pretty good birthday present then, a W and playing well?

Tate: 21 years ago today I was born, that's all I can say. Legal.

Q: Pretty good birthday present then, basically all you can ask for?

Tate: Yeah, I think I'm 4-0 around my birthday, we've got to keep it up.

Matt Melloy

Q: How does it feel, you get in there, you had a rough start to the season?

Matt Melloy: Yeah, I've had a few injuries, but it's great to be out there. It's too bad Hinkel got hurt, it's no way you want to get in. I was just excited for the chance to contribute.

Q: What was the difference today on the road? The first two road games got off to a slow start. Today it seemed like there was more energy there.

Melloy: I don't know if it's the road, I think it's just our team starting to work well together. We're starting to get on a little roll. I think this is a big step towards it, I think our intensity has improved quite a bit, and I think we just keep pushing it, work harder.

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