Purdue Postgame: Young, Schlicher

Albert Young tallied 200 yards of total offense in Iowa's 34-17 win over Purdue on Saturday. Kyle Schlicher racked up 14 points of his own. Read what the two had to say in this premium update.

Albert Young

Q: What was it about the running game today, you guys seemed to work as good as you have all year?

Albert Young: Everybody's coming together. The offensive line, those guys did a tremendous job up there today. Ever play I had running lanes, all they could do was just one arm. That's all it was, everything was just clicking today.

Q: Did you feel like you wore them down at the end of the game?

Young: Yeah, definitely. We were being physical. It's like we said after our last home game, we were being aggressive and taking it to them. It was all starting up front, all the way to Tom Busch in the backfield, we just grinded them out the entire game.

Q: Is there a difference, mentally, this game compared to others? It seemed like you got stronger as the game went on.

Young: Yeah, definitely. As the season goes on, you get everybody's confidence building up. We knew coming in here we had to play the full 60 minutes. We realized after the first drive that we were going to be able to run the ball the whole game. You guys noticed we were able to pretty much do whatever we want. We should have finished a little more down there in the red zone with touchdowns, we're upset about that. But coming into a place like this and coming out with a W, that's all you can ask for, so we're happy about that.

Q: Is this team starting to find its identity?

Young: Yeah, definitely. I think we found it. You saw a lot of it today. We fought the entire game on both sides of the ball, every time they did something we responded, and that's all you can ask for. It was good to get on a little roll right here with two Big Ten wins and heading back to Kinnick against Indiana. Things are looking good.

Q: 36 carries, does that mean your leg is back to 100% now? You said it wasn't as strong a couple weeks ago.

Young: It's getting better each week. It's still not 100%, I still feel a little down there.

Q: 36 carries, 160 yards, and still not 100%?

Young: Yeah. (Laughs) It's getting close to there, but I must say, I do feel it still a little. Like I said, I'm going to do good enough to get the job done, that's all I could ask for. Each week it is getting stronger, today was my strongest game. I had no idea I had 36 carries, but yeah, it's getting there.

Kyle Schlicher

Q: Things don't seem as bad after a good win like this, do they?

Kyle Schlicher: No, they don't. Obviously we made up for it afterwards, the team did also with just carrying out the win and stuff. Any time we hav ea miss, it's just like getting an interception. Any time there is sometihng that goes wrong on the team with the game, it's not sometihng that I'm definetly going to be thinking about for a long time. The game could have been really changed if that field goal had been a foot to the right. I don't know.

Q: Did you take the field goal miss to the extra point, or was it sometihng completely different?

Schlicher: I don't know why.

Q: A footing problem or something?

Schlicher: I noticed during warm-ups before the game I was opening my hips up just a little bit too much and I was missing a lot left. I don't tihnk I missed one right. I tihnk that was just sometihng I needed to tweak, it wasn't a matter of getting it out my head. I got it out of my head, but I think i was just so used to what I was doing during warm-ups, opening up my hips a little more instead of just squaring them off to my target. That's just what it was.

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