Melloy Feels for Hinkel, Ready to Contribute

Melloy can empathize with Hinkel, as he had two surgeries over the summer plus mono

Q: Coach Ferentz said that you have had a rough road with injuries this year, too.

Matt Melloy: In the spring, I fractured my ankle, had surgery and had a surgery on it over the summer and I also got mono between the two surgeries. I strained my quad as well coming back from the surgery. It has been a rough six months.

Q: You can empathize with Ed then.

Melloy: I know what it's like as a senior to have a significant injury, and I think his is worse than mine and will miss a lot of the season. It's upsetting coming at the end of the season like that for him, I don't wish that on anyone.

Q: There has to be mixed feelings, because things are now open for you and Herb. Do you feel guilty, well, not guilty, but you know what I mean.

Melloy: It's a great chance for us, but at the same time it's a terrible way to get that chance. That is one of my good friends. At the same time, the receivers have to step up and keep playing.

Q: With those mixed emotions, how do you get ready to have as good a game as possible?

Melloy: I feel bad for Ed, and I stopped by and saw him today. But we have to prepare for Indiana and move on and keep getting better as a group.

Q: Do you expect him to make it back? Is he saying that?

Melloy: Right now, I don't think anybody knows. It depends on how fast he heals. If he can get back, he will.

Q: Does he talk like he will come back?

Melloy: Honestly, he does not know. It all depends on how fast his arm heals. There is hope.

Q: Can you describe how bad a break was it?

Melloy: I don't know the full detail, but he broke it pretty good. I am guessing its significant since he had surgery.

Q: What do you see in Indiana that you will have to deal with?

Melloy: They are very veteran and they come ready to play. They are a smart group. They are very wise and they are good in coverage. We will have to play as good as we can.

Q: Coach Ferentz said that you are not yet 100 percent. Where are you at?

Melloy: I feel close to healthy. You come off of a couple of surgeries, where I missed all of camp and a few weeks of practice. I was not fully healthy for six months if you add it all up. It's hard to get back in shape this quick. I am close. I don't know if I am there conditioning wise.

Q: These injuries are not as devastating as the string of running backs last year, how much does the next man in approach pervade the entire program?

Melloy: It's what Coach Ferentz preaches. Next man in; always prepare be the next man. If you worry about injuries, it will let the season pass by. You have to continue to strive forward and prepare every week.

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