Miles & Hodge Talk Week to Week Improvement

Two of Iowa's linebackers sound off on the next men in and getting better each week.


Q: There seems to be an unselfish element to the Iowa defense.

Ed Miles: We are unselfish. All of us are hustling to the ball and being able to count on a person next to you. It's all about team play.

Q: Does that take a certain type of person to play Iowa's defense? Could Deion Sanders do it?

Miles: The type of guy it takes to play our defense is that you have to have heart, you have to hustle to the ball and you have to be tough. You can't play if you are not tough.

Q: You seem to be high character, unselfish players and no one on this team is bringing attention to themselves.

Miles: We are just coming together and trying to find that identity. We have played together now, and we are unselfish and have great leaders like Abdul and Chad and we look for them to show us the way?

Q: Are you getting better?

Miles: I think we are getting better each week. We can still improve, though. I think we will be alright.

Q: How does it affect your job with the new faces in the secondary?

Miles: It won't change. We have guys that can step in and play their roles back there, so it does not change.

Q: Is it good that they are stepping in with experience?

Miles: I think it's important. But like I said before, we have a lot of guys we can count on and it's next man in.


Q: In your mind, how big of a step did the defense take last week?

Abdul Hodge: I think we made a big step. We did a better job in the second half. One of the things that we wanted to do was come out and stop the run and make them one dimensional, and if they throw the ball, we wanted to make them short passes and tackle and we did that.

Q: They ran well on the first drive, getting over half of their total rushing yards on the day. What did you guys do differently to stop them?

Hodge: We didn't really do anything differently; we just kind of settled down and picked up what they were trying to do to us running option, etc. We ran to the ball better and tackled better.

Q: You have a couple of new faces on defense this week.

Hodge: We have some guys banged up, but coach always emphasizes in the past is the next man in. Whoever steps in will do a good job.

Q: You only had four tackles on Saturday, are you OK with that?

Hodge: (Laughs) I could have had more, but it was a big win at Purdue. To increase our record to 4-2 was a big win.

Q: Is this similar to past years, where things are starting to click in October?

Hodge: There is a similarity being around here for a few years. We always start out slow, and now we are playing as a team and picking it up. Things are going well.

Q: What happens to you guys this time of year?

Hodge: I think over a period of time, the things that we mess up on, we get it corrected. Coach always says to correct the mistakes and get better week in and week out, and we have been.

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