Tate Sees Opportunity in Big Ten Race

It's simple according to Drew: Just win every game and things will be all right

Q: Ed is such a leader on this offense, it's a tough loss.

Drew Tate: He is a great player, he brings a lot of experience, and he helps us out tremendously. He was our captain last year and again this year. It's bad when you lose someone like that, but the reality is that someone has to step up and play.

Q: What do you do on offense to try to get others to step up?

Tate: A lot of guys will get more reps in practice than usual. Guys have to spend more time in the film room and things like that and get ready.

Q: Have you seen a lot of growth from Herb Grigsby in the last year?

Tate: A lot. He is feeling more comfortable playing and I think he is gaining confidence every time he gets out there.

Q: There have been injuries the last few years, and you guys say ‘next man in'. Is it a mentality that has taken hold so it doesn't need to be mentioned?

Tate: I guess so. It's reality and it has to be that way. We don't have another choice right now. If I go down, someone jumps in there.

Q: They proved it during the game; guys were getting in there and it happened.

Tate: Yeah. Matt jumped in and did well, so did Herb. The running backs did a good job. They are prepared during practice even though they are not getting as many reps.

Q: Things are crazy in the Big Ten and this seems to be your time of year where you make your move…do you sense an opportunity?

Tate: I guess. All you have to do is just win every time you play and things take care of themselves. We are 4-2, and we have Indiana and that is where our focus is and that is pretty much it.

Q: What do you see from Indiana's defense?

Tate: They are hungry with the new coaching staff in there. They are playing really hard, with extra effort and a chip on their shoulder. They do a lot of things scheme wise, so they are going to make it tough for us like they have everyone else they have played.

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