Grigsby Steps in at the 'Z'

The 'Z' is Iowa's designation for the outside receiver, something Herb is familiar with

Q: What do you do this week differently than in past weeks?

Herb Grigsby: You have to have a sense of urgency to show what I can do. I can't let the team down. We had a big injury with Ed and I am not saying we will do the same as Ed, but I have to step in and do what I can do.

Q: Do you feel any pressure?

Grigsby: I wouldn't say pressure, maybe nervousness. I have had a little bit of experience, so I would not call it pressure

Q: Is your preparation different this week?

Grigsby: It's a different position, moving from the A to the Z, the slot to the outside receiver. I have to prepare different and look for different things and be prepared for different looks.

Q: How do you feel like the offense did last week?

Grigsby: That was a breakout game for us. We knew we could do that, and just to go on the road and do it there against a very good Purdue team, that is how you want to be. You could not draw it up any better.

Q: How will that help your confidence?

Grigsby: We have something to build upon. We started a winning streak, we got our first road win; that is a lot to build on and now we are back here at home in another big game.

Q: Have you played much Z before?

Grigsby: At the beginning of the season I played a little bit. But since I have been here, I have been there (Z) the most.

Q: What technically is different about it?

Grigsby: It's more difficult than the slot as far as protections, or adjustments. The Z is more basic, a little easier position to learn.

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