Greenway: Still room for improvement

Read what Chad Greenway had to say about defending another receiver over 6'7", minimizing penalties, and more in the premium update.

Q: Ferentz said he was surprised you hadn't volunteered to return punts yet.

Chad Greenway: Who said that? Coach?

Q: Yeah.

Greenway: I think Jovon might be a little bit better than me.

Q: Talk to him this afternoon, get back to us.

Greenway: I might have to do that, that might be a good idea. Never know.

Q: Here's a surprise question, can you talk about the significance of losing Ed Hinkel and what that means to the team?

Greenway: It's significant, it's a question that's been asked a lot because it's an important question because he's such a key factor to our team. Any time it's a guy like Ed, such a leader on and off the field, in any facet of our team, he's a leader. A guy that we've been around for 4+ years now, and he's been a great player to be around and play with. I think that any time you lose a guy like that who's kind of a cornerstone of what this program stands for, it's going to hurt you. The same things that Ed stands for, we have guys behind him doing those same types of things, learning from him, following his every move for 3 years, in Calvin's case, and three in Herb's case, too. There's guys behind him that are going to step up and do the same job that Ed was doing. Hopefully they can not lose a step.

Q: Have you gone to visit him at all, seen him at all since then?

Greenway: I talked to him a little yesterday, one of those days, a couple days ago. His spirits are good, he's going to be fine, he just wanted to get the surgery over with, I know that, and just keep moving forward after that. I think it's a good thing we have the bye week coming up, it gives us an extra week to play with. He's optimistic in the chance to maybe come back late in the season, in November and get in some more games. I'm sure he'll be back sooner than people think, that's just the way he looks at things.

Q: Are things in place to make a great run like you have in recent years, especially with the crazy things going on in the Big Ten?

Greenway: It's yet to be seen. We had a good game, and we're taking strides, but we're nowhere near where we want to be. We know we can get a lot better. I'm talking about the defensive side, we played better, but we can tackle better, we can do a lot of things better. The emotion was there, I think the effort was definitely there, we just have to keep building off of that. We took a huge step, but there's a lot of steps to be taken yet, and if we can keep building and keeping working week in and week out, we're going to be the team where we want to be in 2-3 weeks. This opponent is not the Indiana we're used to seeing the last couple of years. These guys are good, they have talent everywhere, great new coaching staff, it's going to be a tough challenge for us.

Q: How important is it that the guys have that attitude, that there's room for improvement, things like that?

Greenway: I think it's important, because if you fell like you arrive, or feel like you're good enough, you're not going to be improving like we need to. I think we need to keep that attitude of improvement around the place and around the complex. If we have that kind of attitude about us, we're going to keep getting better.

Q: What does Indiana bring, offensively, the 6'7" guy?

Greenway: Other than the 6-7 guy, they have two other receivers that are pretty good, two good backs, and a quarterback that can get it to them. Anytime you have that with a veteran o-line, you're going to be pretty successful. I don't know as far as their defense/special teams, I haven't really seen any film on them, but I'm sure coach Hoeppner has them going pretty good over there. We've seen his teams in the past, they play hard, and we're expecting the same out of this Indiana team.

Q: A real good stat out there about you guys, leading the country in fewest penalty yards, what is that a testament to?

Greenway: I guess, since we have some young players in some positions on defense, we're staying away from penalties, not having a lot of personal fouls and things that kill drives on the offensive side. I know Coach Ferentz doesn't stress a lot about penalties as long as they're not killing you in too many bad situations, which they haven't this year, obviously. I guess it says that, as far as a maturity level, we've maybe taken some steps and grown up, and been able to handle some situations.

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