Johnson & Shada Teaming Up

Johnson knows he needs to take a mentor's role; Shada ready for action

Q: What was Ed's role on Saturday after he was hurt?

Jovon Johnson: He was still out there with us on the sideline, encouraging us and just being there. Giving moral support to guys that needed it. He was giving me advice on punt returns, because I stepped in for him. He is doing his part and being a leader. He is doing the things he can for us to succeed.

Q: What makes him such a good leader?

Johnson: Ed is the type of guy who leads by example, but at the same time he can voice his opinion and is not afraid to tell a person something and get in their face about whatever the case may be. That is the most important part of the way that he leads.

Q: You will have two new faces on defense this week. How will you have to lead on that side of the ball?

Johnson: Again, it goes back to playing my part and being a leader out there. The first game, we had the same situation when Antwan was out. I will have to lead and make plays and try to get our offense back on the field. Adam is capable and whoever the other safety may be, they are capable, too.

Q: In that regard, people really stepped up during the battle last week. There were significant injuries and guys filled in.

Johnson: It goes to show that at any moment in the game you never know who is going to have the opportunity to be on the field and at what position. It shows that everyone needs to be ready. Anything can happen in the big game. A lot of guys have to go in that had not played many snaps, they took it from the practice field.

Q: Indiana mixes it up on offense and they have a good quarterback. What concerns you the most?

Johnson: The biggest thing that they have that big 6-7 receiver who is their biggest threat. At the same time, they have a good running back and the quarterback gets the ball out quick. He will be one of the better guys we have played all year long. We will prepare the same.

Q: How do you prepare for 6-7?

Johnson: The same way you defend Purdue's guy (6-9). You have to keep him in front of you and you have to be aggressive when the ball is thrown to him. When you are doing that and knocking the ball out and getting your hand in there, there is nothing more you can ask for.

Q: What are the biggest differences between playing with Adam or Antwan?

Johnson: There is more of a comfort zone. I have been playing with Antwan for numerous years, and it's kind of like I am more comfortable with him out there because I don't have to coach him. I just stay on my side. When you put Adam out there, he has not played as much as we have, but at the same time he can make some plays. His nerves are probably sky high when he gets out there so we have to calm him down and keep him confident so that he can go out there and make plays.


Q: Is coming out with the win momentum for you guys?

Adam Shada: I think so. We still have a way to go. We are not where we need to be, but we are in the right direction and it was a good win, but it's time to get going on Indiana this week.

Q: 117 penalty yards this year, number one in the country; what do you attribute that to?

Shada: I supposed it would be concentration, which is where the stupid penalties happen. As far as other penalties like off sides and stuff like that, I think that is just practice and concentration.

Q: A personal assessment; where are you now to where you were a year ago?

Shada: I hope I have gotten better. The goal is to improve every day. I feel confident to step in there and play this Saturday, but compared to last year, I know the defense a lot better and I would hope I am better off than I was.

Q: How much bigger are you, and how much more physical do you feel?

Shada: I know that I have gotten stronger and have gained a few pounds. I would have to ask Coach Doyle.

Q: Coach said Antwan is not going to practice today, but things are up in the air.

Shada: It's the same as every week. I will run with the one's over the two's, but each week you prepare like you are going to start. Football is violent, and anyone can get hurt as we have seen last year and this year. Anything can happen and everyone has to be prepared to step in and play.

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