Young Sees Hawkeye Trends of the Past

Young feels that the team takes pride in hitting its stride in October, but feels that the team is not there yet. Read more from Iowa's star running back...

Q: How are things coming together on offense?I

Albert Young: I think we are blending pretty good, we had a good game last week running the ball. The offensive line did a tremendous job and now we will see how consistent we can be.

Q: Do you feel like the team is finding itself now?

Young: Yeah. We are getting there. It is easy to say that when you win two in a row that everything is fine and we are finding our niche, but if things went the other way, they would be saying we are still searching. We are still improving and as long as we keep winning, I am good with that.

Q: You have only been penalized 117 yards the whole season, which is number one in the country. What do you attribute that to?

Young: I guess we are a disciplined team and that comes from summer conditioning all the way to now. We only had two penalties last week and it was not holding or anything. It was more communication with the running backs and getting the right personnel out there. That is something we can be proud of right now. There is still a long season.

Q: Does it feel like last year?

Young: October has been a big month for us here at the Iowa program. We take pride in getting together as a team during this month. It is showing more since the Illinois game. I wasn't playing last year, so I didn't know the exact feel. But we are starting to look like the teams of the past right now, but we have to keep trucking.

Q: Is that anything that you can draw on, the past?

Young: If you just go over the numbers from the past, this is when the Iowa football team is at its best. We are not at our best right now, but we are working towards that and making strides. You can see it out on the field. I guess it's just common around here.

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