Post Game: Sims & Solomon

Two big contributors to Iowa's win, Sims and Solomon give their thoughts

Q: Just another day at the office and a win, a Big Ten win, for the Hawks?

Damien Sims: That is what coach preached all week, to just make sure and finish strong in the Big Ten. Just try to finish out strong and get ready for Michigan.

Q: You always seem to make the most of your carries. It is like, "I get the ball, I take to the House" of late.

Sims: That one today was just the offensive line opening it up. There was like two guys left (once I passed the line), but the offensive line did their job. I just ran - it was really anything.

Q: The holes were pretty big that you (and all other guys) were seeing today.

Sims: That was my first carry. So, yeah, the one I got - it was pretty open.

Q: A couple of weeks ago (Illinois post-game), you mentioned that you are a big "stats" guy. You know everything about every player in every game. So if you look at the stats and things now, what would you be saying about yourself? (laughing)

Sims: Just get the most out of the opportunities you've been given, but I was really pissed at myself when I fumbled that ball (on a KO return). I went over to Coach J and told him to give me another chance and I will make something happen. It just so happened that the line did me a favor, they helped me out. Then (Adam) Shada got the pick and it really helped me out. They didn't score so I was like, "Yes!" I was kind of happy.

Q: Looking forward you have Michigan coming in here next week. They may have a couple of losses, but nobody takes a team like that lightly.

Sims: I mean it's Michigan. I grew up watching those boys and the type caliber players they have. They could lose every game but are going to go in and give you their best shot every week. That is pretty much the mentality we are going to have going all week during practice. We are playing Michigan. Don't get that twisted. We are playing Michigan...and so you should expect the best.

Q: Hawks get a big win today in the Big Ten. That is three now, back-to-back.

Clinton Solomon: Oh yeah, feeling good that anytime we are in Kinnick we are definitely trying to keep that streak going (22 consecutive home wins). Like you said, three big wins in the conference. We are just excited to get this win and get ready for next week.

Q: Take me through step-by-step what happened on that touchdown. I know you are fast, but...

Solomon: Well, I ain't that fast. Watching the replay, I ran a post. The corner kind of reading and just went on the second receiver, and so did the safety, leaving me by myself. I thought the corner was behind me. I caught the ball and looked up and nobody was there. I looked up and was like, "oh well, that's a touchdown." You have to capitalize on mistakes like that when the defense makes them.

Q: Talk about what it was like today with the "next man in". There were really no worries for you and anyone else about who was going to step in and replace Eddie (Hinkel) were there?

Solomon: I was not really too worried because we have got guys that can make plays. We still have our running backs and have the running game going. We still have our leader, our captain, out there in Drew (Tate) . I wasn't too worried, but without Hinkel that is a big chunk of our offense gone. We still got Schlicher that can come in a give us points there. We still a family and there for each other to fire each other up.

Q: Did you small injury from that week give you any problem(s) today?

Solomon: I can play sore like I told you before. If I am injured I can play hurt. You just gotta keep fighting and keep going on.

Q: Michigan is leaving the Big House and coming down here next week. Talk about that a little.

Solomon: Anytime you play Michigan it is exciting. When playing them in Kinnick it is even going to be more exciting. I don't know whether they won or lost today, they are playing Penn State tonight. We are going to be up for a hard fought game. They are coming to Kinnick so our fans are going to be juiced up to go. We are going to feed off of their (the fans) momentum.

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