Post Game: Mitch King & Chad Greenway

Two of Iowa's most disruptive defenders talk about Iowa's win over Indiana

Q: Another win and it always good to get a Big Ten win for the Hawks today.

Mitch King: Oh yeah, a "w" is "w", of course, but especially when you are in the Big Ten. You know it is going to be a hard game no matter what so we take it as it rolls. A great victory is a great victory. And today it was.

Q: In the Big Ten there is always physical play. It looked as though there was a point in the game where you may have "tweaked" and ankle/knee.

King: Oh, you mean on the goal line play? Yeah, someone just rolled up on my ankle in the pile. It was a little sprain but it is better now.

Q: It looks like that conditioning from playing against a quick strike, quick thrown, no huddle offense the last week is starting to pay off - because your defense was on the field 40 minutes (out of 60) today.

King: Yeah, and the surprising thing is that since we have been facing that every week, we have been getting in better game condition week to week. Today, on the defensive line, we talked about it and were not really tired out. The more and more we face it, the more and more good condition we will be in.

Q: To me it kind of looked like the defensive line was dropping back into coverage more than normal. Matt (Kroul) was dropping back a lot and shading the quarterback.

King: Oh that is on our regular package.

Q: Next week you have got Michigan coming in and that is always, always a big game. No matter whether they have lost seven, two, zero, or one.

King: It is going to be a crazy game next week. Our fans are going to be there loud and ambitious. So, we have just got to come and play.

Q: The 3-4 defense you used today was a bit of a different twist?

Chad Greenway: We did that last week a couple times. Typically against a red team (two wide receivers and a back) like this we are going to do something different and switch it up on them. There are a lot more things we can do with this that we have no even touched yet. It is good when we can have guys come in and make plays like (Mike) Humpal. He came in and played great. We have guys that can come in off the bench and be that next man in, or just come in play defense.

Q: How big of a play was (Adam) Shada's interception?

Greenway: I think it was a big time play. They get that turnover and get a little momentum going on. We needed a big play and did not have one yet today. We did not really have a turnover or a play that set us apart. Adam played great and almost had got two (interceptions) as he almost got that last one (late in the fourth quarter in the endzone). You seem him giving up some catches in front of him, but he is playing within the defense and that is what we do. Adam played great today.

Q: How different is the mindset of this team from the Ohio State game?

Greenway: I don't think we really have a different mindset other than we just need to keep improving from like two weeks ago. I think the difference is we have more confidence because we have played a little bit better the last couple of weeks. The mindset is the same but we are by, no means, where we want to be right now. We just keep improving and continuing to maintain and improve and we can be where we want to be in November. Hopefully that is where we can end up.

Q: How good does it feel to be able to gut out a good Big Ten victory like this?

Greenway: It feels good. A lot of people don't know about Indiana, but they are going to make some waves and Coach Hoeppner and done a great job over there. They have got some tough players and their defense plays well. They are going to make some waves this year but any Big Ten win feels good. To get number 22 at Kinnick here in a row feels great for us. We have just got to continue to build on what we have.

Q: What or who (Coach Doyle) do you start to thank for the conditioning towards the end of the game today? Because your team was on the field for two-thirds of a game today.

Greenway: Yeah, you have got to thank that (off-season with Coach Doyle) and early on playing Illinois who is a no huddle team. Then, Purdue, who basically did not huddle. We played a ton a snaps against UNI in the heat and Iowa State in the heat. We have played in some tough situations and you get in game shape about three or four games into the season. You can just keep playing off of that. Playing 101 plays you are going to get kind of tired and fatigued. But, you know, I think our defense hung in there. We stuck some younger guys in on the d-line and they came in and played well. It is a good sign for us so we just need to keep building and improving.

Q: You talked a lot about Adam and his play today. But your whole secondary made plays today, and had to do so on a really good receiver.

Greenway: We were playing within the defense. We are going to give those catches up, those little short outs. We are going to play within the defense and give those up and make tackles. Adam stepped up and did a good job and is a great player, which isn't surprising. We knew had that in him. He stepped in a made some big plays and made a interception at a keep time and played well down the stretch on that last drive. We are really excited about him and if we get Antwan (Allen) back then we have that corner with a lot more experience that can help us.

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