Hinkel Very Optimistic About a Return

Ed Hinkel met with the Iowa media on Tuesday and talked about his injury, the surgery and the time table for a possible return, in addition to what he is doing these days to stay in shape.

Q: How does it feel?

Ed Hinkel: It is feeling good. I had surgery last week and the doctor was happy with everything. Hopefully in a few weeks I will be back out there.

Q: Did they put a pin in it?

Hinkel: They put some stuff in there. Plates and screws and stuff.

Q: Any clue on when it might be better?

Hinkel: Not really. They will xray it again next Monday and see where it's at, and go from there.

Q: What is the best case/worst case?

Hinkel: Worst case would be done for the season, but I don't know. Best case, who knows. Could be Minnesota or Northwestern. You never know.

Q: Did you know when you landed that something was broken?

Hinkel: Yeah, I didn't hear anything pop, but I knew something in my arm was broken. It didn't feel right.

Q: How did you land on it?

Hinkel: We are still trying to figure that out. Jerry Palmer had the tape and he had a good view of it. I have not seen it yet, but he thinks I came down on the ball and there was all that pressure that broke it.

Q: Did it bend?

Hinkel: I think he landed on me. He caught me from behind, so he probably did. That was a lot of weight.

Q: Have you looked at the play?

Hinkel: I saw it on the game tape, but not on TV views. Jerry just told me what he saw.

Q: How are your spirits?

Hinkel: I am doing pretty well. I am still a part of the team and everything. I feel like I can still do some things to help us prepare and helping the receivers on Saturday's and Jovon on punt returns. Just helping those guys as much as I can.

Q: Are you feeling positive right now with the outlook?

Hinkel: Yeah, I am very optimistic about it. I am hoping I can keep rehabbing. It seems like the last couple of days I have been living here in the training room. I just have to continue to do that and just keep doing what I can do to help get better.

Q: What are you doing right now?

Hinkel: Right now I am just working on my range of motion. He made me a removable cast so I could take it on and off and work on that. They want me wearing it around in case I would fall down.

Q: Can you condition to stay in shape?

Hinkel: I can do anything. They don't want me running and cutting and changing directions just in case I fall or slip. I will be riding the bike for a little while, a week or so and then I will be running.

Q: Do you get to a point where you can play with a cast on arm?

Hinkel: I don't know. I think that would be tough. We have not talked about what we are going to do once I get back out there with a brace and stuff. I would imagine there is not much that you can do to brace it.

Q: Where did you break it?

Hinkel: About three or four inches above my wrist. I broke both bones.

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