Young: 'My Successes Start Up Front'

Albert Young credits the offensive line whenever praise begins to flow his way

Q: When you say Michigan, you don't need to say anything else.

Albert Young: Definitely. With a team like that, you know what to expect from them. You expect a 60 minute ball game, talented players all over the field and the name Michigan says enough.

Q: How old were you in 1985?

Young: I was born in 1985. I saw some of the classics on ESPN. They have been playing a few of the Michigan games this week, so I saw a few of those.

Q: As a running back, will this be the most physical game all year?

Young: I am sure it will be up there. Ohio State and Michigan, they have some big houses right there. We expect them to play well. They are big and fast, so I am expecting some bruises after the game.

Q: With a bye week coming, does that change things for this game, leaving it all on the field knowing you have that rest?

Young: You sound just like Coach Ferentz right now. That is something he said. We know that the bye week is coming, so put everything out there. Not that we were not every other game, but play until you are dog tired, you have a week to heal and get rested. You also want to go into a bye week with momentum, you don't want to a loss going into the bye week.

Q: That would be the worst thing about a bye, if you went in with a loss; you have two weeks to chew on it.

Young: Defeinitely. It gives you more motivation to go out there and perform because you don't want that taste in your mouth.

Q: No matter where Michigan goes, they get everyone's best shot. They are a marquee game for most of the teams in the Big Ten. That gives them a certain advantage to come in here, doesn't it?

Young: I guess so, but we expect everyone's best shot each week in this league, when we go on the road. I know Michigan is marked for everyone, too. They are a team that is capable of winning on the road, so I don't know if that gives them an advantage coming in, because we are not too shabby at home ourselves.

Q: Black out Saturday, do you notice the colors in the crowd ever?

Young: I am sure that if you see a whole stadium, 70,000 people you will notice that. Sometimes you notice, especially at home, you see the colors of the visitors. They all wore red last week, so you can pick them out. We notice some things, but we are not really focusing on that and we don't look into the crowd that much anyway. It does not have much to do with us. It's mostly for the fans. I know that when I am playing, I don't care what color people are wearing. I am just out there to play football.

Q: You have had a lot of success this season, talk about how you have been playing.

Young: It all starts up front. It's as simple as that. The offensive line opens things up and have been giving me creases and I have been hitting them. There is not more to say than that. A lot of what I do is determined by the offensive line. I have had a pretty good season so far, so that says a lot for them. They have had a good season, too. It goes both ways.

Q: How gratifying has it been for you to come off of the injuries being able to have success?

Young: I am blessed to be back out there again with my team. I am estatic when I am out there every game. I am loving every minute of it.

Q: You grew up a Michigan fan?

Young: No, I didn't. I grew up around Michigan fans. I was not a Michigan fan. A lot of guys have their Wolverine gear back at home. I was not really a big fan.

Q: Who were you a fan of?

Young: Florida State and Penn State.

Q: How do you feel you have developed? This is your first year of good health here, do you see different technical things you are doing better?

Young: I am just growing with my offensive line. Those guys are getting better each week, so therefore I am improving. Getting more comfortable coming off the leg injury, getting more confident out there each week.

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