Shada Doesn't Think Teams Come for Him

Being the new guy on the defense, Shada thinks offenses take what the defense gives it

Q: Do you look at this as a marquee game?

Adam Shada: I don't think this is a marquee game. We take it one game at a time, so this is that week. This week they are a marquee game, but for the season, we don't have that.

Q: What about for the fans, they look at Michigan and think big game.

Shada: A name like Michigan and Ohio State, they have a great history, it carries a lot of prestige. Any game when you are facing a team like that is reason to get excited.

Q: With a bye week coming, do you put more into this game?

Shada: I think every week you like to say that you leave it all on the field, but knowing that you have a week to recover, or two weeks, I guess that emphasizes a little more to empty the tank this week, because they will take care of us and let us rest after that.

Q: Give yourself a grade from last week and what do you need to improve on this week?

Shada: I don't know. I don't grade myself. I think I played well, but there is a lot of room for improvement. As far as this week, I look to get better in the areas where I didn't do well last week.

Q: How old were you in 1985?

Shada: Just being born.

Q: Do you have any memory of the Iowa-Michigan game from that year?

Shada: The only game I remember from ‘85 is the Iowa-Michigan State game with the Chuck Long bootleg, because Coach Parker was in that game and he talks about it.

Q: Did you hear about the Iowa-Michigan game growing up?

Shada: No. I have not heard about it until you just said it. Was it a good game?

Q: Iowa won 12-10, it was number one vs. number two, a last second field goal.

Shada: Oh, OK. I was born in 1985.

Q: Did your outlook on Drew Tate change a year ago when Michigan ripped his helmet off and he kept going?

Shada: When I came in, there have been plenty of stories about Drew's toughness. He is not a pretty boy quarterback. He is a tough nut and leads by example. We all want to follow someone like that into battle, the person will fight with you is nice to know. That was not the first time we saw his toughness.

Q: Do you think the team's attitude changed towards him?

Shada: There were some laughs on the sideline. We all understood before that what kind of kid he was and what kind of competitor he was, but that reinforced it.

Q: Being a new guy in the lineup last week and this week probably, do other teams know about that, do they seek you out?

Shada: I am not sure. I don't know how that works. As far as an offensive coordinator, their job is to take what the defense gives them. If they think that is an advantage, then they would do it. From my standpoint, I just look at what we have to do to stop the opponent.

Q: As a defense, when you notice that a guy on the line is hurt or weak, do you know going in and do you change the way you think to go after that guy?

Shada: No, we don't. Other teams may, but we don't worry about that.

Q: Is that because you want to do what you do?

Shada: Exactly. We worry about what we do well and what they give us.

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