Yanda: We Keep Getting Better

With the offensive line improving each week, the Hawkeye offense has looked excellent at times

Q: How are you feeling these days?

Marshal Yanda: I feel that I am more comfortable out there and I feel like I am getting better.

Q: When does the light go on for you guys on the line and things come together?

Yanda: I don't know. I think it hits everyone different, really. When they are going to get better. Some guys may need a big game and make massive improvements. I just don't know. It hits people different.

Q: The offensive line, the new guys there, you have seemed to hit a rhythm lately. Does it take a month for the OL to see improvements?

Yanda: I don't know about that. I think that we are just working on getting better every week. Like Coach Morgan says, getting better every day and every week. After six games into it, hopefully we should show signs of improvement and that is what is going on.

Q: What are the areas; are they technical things?

Yanda: It's all of it. Technical, cohesive. Fundamentals, we work on those every day. The more we do that and the more you think about them, the more it will show in games. It helps out everybody. The cohesiveness, working as a group together and knowing where your help is at, it makes a big difference.

Q: How much interchanging was there in camp at different positions?

Yanda: They interchange guys pretty often. I started out at right tackle, then I went to left guard. They flip flop people so if something does happen, like I went back to right tackle and I played there before, it was not hard to change. That is why I think they do that, so you have a comfort.

Q: How good can you guys be on the OL? We have seen you keep getting better.

Yanda: To tell you the truth, I don't know. I know that we are going to work on it day by day and hopefully that shows up on Saturday.

Q: Have you watched Michigan yet?

Yanda: I watched a little bit yesterday. I think it's another opponent, another guy across from me and I will do what I do each week, just try to study him as much as I can and pick up on anything I can and use that on the field to help me out.

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