Schlicher calling upon Houghtlin

Twenty years ago, Rob Houghtlin beat Michigan with a last second field goal. Kyle Schlicher hopes to have that same opportunity someday, read what Iowa's kicker had to say in this premium update.

Q: Do you know the name Rob Houghtlin?

Kyle Schlicher: Yeah, I do.

Q: What do you know about Rob Houghtlin and Michigan?

Schlicher: I know that back in 85 he kicked the game-winning field goal. Were we ranked #1 and they were #2?

Q: Yes.

Schlicher: So we remained number 1. That's really all I knew about that. I know back then they used a block, just like high school, to kick with. As far as a person, Rob's a great guy. I know him personally, not really well, but I just talk to him every once in a while when he comes back for the special teams camps, stuff like that. We talk via email and stuff. Is the captain?

Q: I'm not aware of that yet.

Schlicher: It would be great if he was, he's a great guy.

Q: So you've talked to him about that day?

Schlicher: Not about that day, but about kicking. Two years ago he was at Michigan State, Nate Kaeding's senior year. Any time he's around I like to pick his brain. He and I actually have the same tear in our quad, I tore my quad in high school. Him and I have the same exact tear, so we have that in common.

Q: Would you love to be in that same position someday, like he was 20 years ago?

Schlicher: Definitely. That's every kicker's dream, for him it came true. For me, that's something, definitely.

Q: You said you liked to pick his brain, is there one specific thing you can point to that he's given you?

Schlicher: I asked him, numerous times. Kickoffs, I think, if you ask any kicker, are the hardest thing. Just because, for me anyway, there's a lot of stuff that goes into kickoffs. I'd asked him more about kickoffs rather than field goals. How his approach was, how he approached wind in his face, as far as placing the ball on kickoffs, that's a very difficult thing to do. Just that kind of stuff, kickoffs mainly.

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