Hodge & Greenway Prepare to Empty the Tank

With a bye week up next on the schedule, Iowa plans to play like its the last game of the year

Q: Question of the day, how old in 1985?

Abdul Hodge: Three years old.

Q: So you probably remember the Michigan game well.

Hodge: 1985? I was in the Virgin Islands and I did not know anything about football.

Q: I know, it's our running joke. When Michigan comes to town, there is no use to get extra incentive to get up to play them, is there?

Hodge: That is an automatic thing. Michigan has been the team to beat in this league for a long time. Anytime that you play a team like them, it's an opportunity to do something great.

Q: Having a bye on the other side, does that add something to it and allow you to empty the tank?

Hodge: I think so, but every week we want to go out and play our best football and give 100 percent each and every week. Knowing that we have a bye week gives us a heads up that we can empty the tank this week and take a week off.

Q: What will be the defensive scheme this week?

Hodge: Basically, week in and week out, I know one thing that we have to stop the run. Looking at Michigan, Hart is a good running back. They have some other running backs, too. We basically want to stop the run and make them one dimensional.

Q: What did you think of Drew's helmet coming off last year at Michigan?

Hodge: Yeah, since Drew came in he has been a leader for us. He kind of has that linebacker mentality. Seeing that play showed you his character.

Q: Shada said that some defensive guys started laughing.

Hodge: It was something. Most of the time, a quarterback would have taken a knee. He just continued on like it didn't happen.

Q: With the Big Ten as jumbled up as it is right now, a loss hits you twice as hard. You lose a game and three teams pass you in the standings.

Hodge: We still have a lot of football to play. Our focus right now is not the Big Ten, because anything can happen. Right now, Michigan is what we want to take care of.

Q: Do you like a bye week?

Hodge: I don't think it kills your momentum. It does a lot of positives. It gives you time to sit back and relax a little bit and it gives you two weeks to prepare for Northwestern.


Q: How are things different this week?

Chad Greenway: I think it's apparent who we are playing. The Wolverines are coming to town and we have a long home winning streak that we want to continue. A week before the bye week, that is big for us. There are a lot of things going into this week that are important and we need to come in with a good attitude and get the game plan down today.

Q: What will be your defensive approach in this one?

Greenway: I don't think we change much from what we have been doing. They don't do a ton of different things than what we are used to. I have not seen the game plan, so I could not tell you.

Q: How does a bye week change the way that you approach this game?

Greenway: You treat this like it's the last game of the year. You sell out, you empty the tank and you treat it likes it's the last game and that you need to play your best game in the first eight games. At the same time keep improving like we have been week to week and keep that process going.

Q: Do you like a bye week?

Greenway: Yes. Very much. The thing that I like, the season is repetitious, for you guys too. It's nice to get out of that for a week and heal and get back to normal. Then you get that extra drive in that week where you want to get back to work and get into the game plan and the film. It rejuvenates you for the last three games.

Q: You catch a confident Michigan team coming in here.

Greenway: We were watching the end of their game last week, it was almost like what Michigan team do you want here. Penn State was undefeated, you want Penn State to lose. They are going to have some confidence coming in because they beat a good Penn State team and played well in all facets. They will be a confident team coming here. Once they get rolling, they are tough to beat and that is the team that we will face.

Q: They have played to the gun in all of their games so far.

Greenway: You expect to have a few like that. They have good character and it starts at the top with the coach. We will get everything they have this week.

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