Going Gonzo with Wolfgang

Wolfgang takes a trip into Iowa's lost and found

There I was at Kinnick Stadium watching Iowa rack up another Big 10 win against Indiana while at the same time digging through my pockets for the keys to my vehicle. I couldn't find my keys anywhere. Not under my seat. Not in the eight pockets of my cargo pants. Not in my wife's purse. Not in MY purse or fanny pack. (If you ever catch me wearing a fanny pack you have permission to hang me from a street lamp using the fanny pack as the noose.) I'll have to check Kinnick's lost and found to see if anyone turned them in.

Unfortunately I didn't find my keys in the lost and found, but I did find some binoculars, a gorilla mask, a purse, a shot glass, a beer bong, and a corncob hat. I did talk to the lady that was guarding the lost and found and she told me that Coach Ferentz had already been there before the Illinois game and ransacked everything in it. I'm guessing Coach Ferentz found quite a bit in the lost and found that belonged to his very own football team.- Heart, passion, aggressiveness, fire, intensity, toughness, and teamwork are the things that were missing for the first four games with this Iowa football team. Who knew that all Coach had to do was check the lost and found. Coach Ferentz found these things before it was too late. The last two-and-a-half games this team has "found" what has made the last 3-4 years so special for Hawkeye fans to witness.

Are we a great football team right now? Absolutely not. But we're improving little by little. Play by play. Game by game. You better be glad you caught us at the beginning of the year because we're on track to be a pretty darn good ball club. What exactly did Coach Ferentz find in that lost and found?

This team is now gang tackling. This team is now flying to the football. This team is now playing with toughness. This team is now playing with emotion and intensity. This team is now pass blocking. This team is now tackling with bad intentions. Thank goodness Ron Zook didn't get to the lost and found before Coach Ferentz did.

Why is it that it took this long for Iowa to start playing like…well…Iowa? I sure didn't like what I saw the first part of this year. WE were the one's bleeding instead of making others bleed. WE were the one's getting whooped instead of handing out the whoopings. WE were the one's handing over our lunch and milk money to the school bully instead of playing the role as school bully. It's hard to open up a can of whoop arse on somebody if you can't even find the can opener.

This seems to be a trend with Iowa under Coach Ferentz. Lose a non-conference game and then a Big Ten game at the beginning of the year and go on to win the rest of your games. Getting better game in and game out is a sign of good coaching. My question is since we know this about a Ferentz coached team isn't it better to have a watered down non-conference schedule? Iowa will always play ISU and it will always be a street fight as long as Dan McCarney is at ISU. ISU plays it as if it's their Super Bowl. Teams like Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Arizona will be entering Iowa's non-conference schedule in the near future. Is this smart scheduling? Should we go "Kansas State" and play the nobodies of the world in the non-conference unless they want to come to Kinnick to play us.

Pittsburgh will be a very good team as soon as Wandstadt gets some of his type of players in there. Syracuse is on its way back to being a good football program. Stoops will have that Arizona football program in the elite class of the PAC 10 very soon. The only time I EVER want to travel west to play a football game is if it's in early January, and that game is being played in Pasadena. How'd we do the last time we traveled west to the state of Arizona in the non-conference? I guess the solution is to start playing as good of football at the beginning of the year as you do at the end of the year.

This Michigan game is huge for Iowa if it wants to stay in contention for the Big 10 title. Kinnick will be rocking and a national audience will see it on ABC. Recruits will get to see the incredible fan support as well as how Iowa football is played...or supposed to be played. Thank goodness Coach Ferentz checked the lost and found.

Oh by the way, I found my keys in the Carver Hawkeye Arena lost and found, where I had used the restroom earlier that day. Other things found in the lost and found there: Ed Hightower's glasses, Tom Izzo's friendship bracelet from Steve Marriucci, Glen Worley's pivot foot, a Jess Settles jersey from his 8th year at Iowa, and passion for the Iowa basketball program. Am I the only one excited for the upcoming basketball season, because it sure seems like it?

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