Drew Tate Very Frank in Post Game Interview

Drew Tate is usually not one for many words. But after Iowa's loss to Michigan, Tate talked about the officiating, some things he would have done differently, the state of the team and what Iowa has to do the rest of the way...Tate did not stay long in the post game, so most media outlets did not get to speak with him. HN.com was there for his Q & A session...

Q: You guys had some opportunities today that you let get away from you.

Drew Tate: We did. We had our opportunities like Michigan did. Unfortunately they captured theirs and we did not. We let them slip.

Q: It looked like you controlled the game for the most part. They gave you guys some great field position at times.

Tate: Yeah. Like you said, I felt like we were in control the whole time and we kept having holding penalties. I don't know how accurate those were, as I know they were holding us on crossing routes. I can't control what the refs do. Coach Ferentz can't either, and that is his job. It goes back to they made plays and we did not.

Q: You did not have many penalties coming into the game and you had 11 today.

Tate: Yeah. We don't expect those in our game plan. We focus on other things. Instead of having second and six we are first and 20 and that hurts us.

Q: How much does this one hurt?

Tate: It hurts a lot. This is the first loss that I have had in Kinnick Stadium. Losing in Kinnick, it's not something that…there is nothing good to come out of it. We are getting better as a team, I honestly think that and I think everyone would tell you that. Michigan played good and they are a good team. That is pretty much it.

Q: In hindsight, are there things you would have done differently?

Tate: Oh yeah, there are a lot of passes that I threw if they were on the money would have helped us out even more. I thought our guys did good catching in traffic, sitting down when they needed to. The line did a pretty good job. Those were the four biggest guys I have ever seen on a defensive line. I am not going to make every throw. I wish I could, but receivers won't make every catch and the line won't block every time. That is the true reality of the game. If I would have put the ball on the money a few more times it would have been different.

Q: Talk about that drive to get it to overtime.

Tate: Herb made a great catch. I threw it…I didn't put enough on it, but Herb made a great diving catch. If I would have put more on it, he could have caught it and the game would have been over then. I could have thrown that a lot better, and on the out route before our field goal in overtime, too.

Q: How do you not let this game linger?

Tate: I don't know. I think that we are getting better as a team. All we have to do is just win the next three. It's pretty simple. There are no ifs ands or buts. If we do that, everything else will take care of itself.

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