Brian Ferentz Salutes the Kinnick Fans

A somber Brian Ferentz met with the Iowa media after the game and in addition to tipping his hat to the Michigan Wolverines, he also saluted the Iowa fans for their effort on Saturday. "I have never seen Kinnick like it was today."

Q: What do you say about Michigan hanging in there and never quitting?

Brian Ferentz: To their credit, they are a good football team. They were never beaten, as evidenced by the second half and over time. I think we went out there and executed our game plan, but they are a good football team.

Q: What did you notice differently in the second half in their ability to stop Albert?

Ferentz: I don't know if they slowed him down as much as we got away from the ground game. I don't know if we ran it as much. That might be more evident, is that we had less attempts. I don't feel like they really made any adjustments to really stop our running game.

Q: The penalties did not kill you, but it knocked you off your game.

Ferentz: Not enough to kill us, but it knocked us off. Nothing killed us. There were no drive killing penalties, but it's a lot harder to start 1st and 20 than it is 1st and 10. When you have a 12 yard run and you bring it back, you are second and 18, you are not helping yourself.

Q: How does this make the bye week?

Ferentz: The bye week is long either way, you don't get to play. We are going to have to digest this. I don't know if it makes it longer, but it will be hard to swallow this one. Maybe it's better. We have a week off to regroup and circle the wagons and go down the home stretch.

Q: Any thoughts about the streak or is that the last thing on your mind?

Ferentz: You know, you don't want something like that to end. The bottom line is that our fan support is not going to waver because we have lost a game at home now. I have never seen Kinnick like it was today. Hats off to our fans. I don't think enough can be said. With the blackout and everything, I have never seen anything like it. This does not change anything. This is the best place to play in the country and it's so special to play in front of these people every week.

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