Solemn Solomon: Missed Opportunites

Clinton Solomon had eight catches on the day for Iowa, but it was the dropped balls and missed opportunties that were on his mind after the game. A very solemn Solomon spoke to reporters and here is his Q & A...

Q: Did you feel like you could have caught that ball there on the last pass play for you guys in overtime?

Clinton Solomon: I should have caught the ball, no doubt. On plays like that, I expect myself to make those. Our receiving corps, we expect to make those kind of plays. Like I said before, from a personal standpoint, I let three dropped balls go by. I felt like I could have scored. A lot of plays that you can go back and look and see that you can make.

Q: Do you feel like you had Michigan where you wanted them?

Solomon: We played hard. We came out and got on them 14 points. It was 14-7 at the break. We wanted more points at the half. We had good momentum going into half time and knew that we had to pick it up more. The second half we couldn't do too much on offense. The penalties hurt us real bad, and the other mistakes.

Q: Do you think there was motivation for them to stop your home streak?

Solomon: I mean, of course there was. Anytime you see a streak, you want to be a team to ruin it. That will motivate you real good. They were hyped up. They wanted to end our streak.

Q: The penalties sort of stalled you guys and took you out of a rhythm.

Solomon: Yeah, the holding penalties, I felt that you have the ball on the 30, you are looking to go in and score. You get pushed back 10 yards, that knocks the rhythm off. You start out great and then you are back at the 50. What else can go wrong? It was 1st and 10, now its 1st and 20. That is a lot of ground to make up for.

Q: When you had first and 10 at their 21 with time running down, did you feel good?

Solomon: Yeah, I felt real good. I knew for a fact we were going to score. We have a great kicker with a great leg, so I was not worried about the field goal. I was worried about getting six points. We knew we would get there. Our main goal was to score a touchdown and go home.

Q: Were you surprised at no shots into the end zone? It's a tough play call.

Solomon: I respect the play calling a lot. Albert had been running well all game, so you had a 50/50 chance of breaking one or getting into better field goal range. There was no losing situation there. It was a good call and they made a good stand and we got three points out of it.

Q: Were you happy overall with the receiving corps?

Solomon: I am very proud of Herb and the young guys. Herb showed a lot of heart and character. With the progress he made this week, he was due. To score two touchdowns and make a big catch, you could not ask for anything more from a young guy. Matt made a great catch on the sideline, too.

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