Quotable: Johnson & Jones Talk About Loss

Mike Jones and Jovon Johnson delivered some highly quotable quotes in the post game setting after Iowa's loss to Michigan. Jones talked about what he thought of as the game ended and Johnson shared his thoughts on the questionable first half pass interference call that he was flagged for when he was in front of the Michigan receiver.


Q: What can you say about the penalties?

Mike Jones: We have to clean those little things up and that will make us a better team.

Q: You moved the ball well in first few quarters then stagnated; was it something that Michigan did?

Jones: I am not sure. I know that we started out fast and put up 14 points pretty early. It seemed like maybe we were stepping on our own feet. Penalties, and that. Michigan did some good things to stop us, but we have to focus on what we are doing and not beat ourselves.

Q: Did you feel that the running game was good today?

Jones: I am not exactly sure without looking at the film. I know we were all going hard out there.

Q: With the streak ending, was that in your mind? No one wanted to be a part of the team that ended that streak.

Jones: The first thing I did not think of was the streak. Rather, just at the guys next to me, and seeing that we lost and that we could have done a little more to win. The first thing in my mind was that we have to cover for each other, play for each other and we have to win for each other.


Q: That was a pretty tough game out there today.

Jovon Johnson: It came down to the last play. What more could you ask for to play in a game like that. They have a good team over there and we showed that we can play with the best of them.

Q: This seems to be one of those losses that could linger.

Johnson: We are going to have to take this one…it will hurt everyone. It's something we did not want to happen, but at the same time, we can't let it hold us down. We have to look forward and get ready to play against a Norhtwestern team who is just as good.

Q: You have gone back to back against some good receivers and Avant was all of that today.

Johnson: Any time we play a guy of Avant's caliber, you want to be successful. He is going to get some plays, but your goal is to keep him in front of you and limit the big plays. I think we did a good job of keeping him in front of us. He is a physical player. He plays well and made plays for them.

Q: If you are able to, can you talk about the first half call against you? It looked like if anything, it should have been pass interference on the receiver. I am not sure if you can talk about that.

Johnson: I mean, I thought the call was kind of outrageous. They called that on me, when I was in front of the receiver and he was behind me. I don't understand how you can call pass interference on me when he is behind me. It was a questionable call and I think it was a bad call in the game, but it could not get me discouraged and I had to play through it. They kind of shocked everyone with that call. But we just had to play.

Q: The crowd seemed impressive and loud today.

Johnson: Oh yeah. Our crowd was in the game the entire game. They came ready to be into it and they gave us the energy that we needed to stay up and play big. We made big plays down the stretch and our offense did a great job of scoring at the end, and it was on us. We did not make the plays at the end and they did and they won the ball game.

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