Michigan Wrap: Merrick, Schlicher & Young

Final thoughts from Saturday's game against Michigan

Q: It was a tough game. Regardless of the score you guys played hard.

Miguel Merrick: We gave it all, they played a great game. You gotta give credit to them (Michigan) for playing their best. We had our chances. We have just got to execute.

Q: You played against some big, physical receivers again today. Is there a different approach for you going against that type of receiver?

Merrick: No, not really. I mean, we play against some big receivers each in every week. In and out of the conference. Indiana a big receiver, a 6'7" guy (Hardy), so it is not different. You have just got to play with your technique and play your best.

Q: You have just kind of get to shrug it off with the bye week and then get into Northwestern.

Merrick: You have got to think about it and remember to learn from our mistakes. Myself included, we have got to learn from our mistakes and correct the things we did wrong. You know, we just have to keep improving.

Q: It seemed like you had them in check even into the fourth quarter. Then, Steve Breaston kind of slipped away on that long pass. What happened on that?

Merrick: Um, it came up pretty fast. And, basically, I had a chance to make the tackle and I missed him. The rest is history, as I am not sure how many yards he got. But maybe if I would have made the tackle something would have been different. You can't take things back. That is what happens - I missed a tackle and he made a great play.


Q: A loss is always tough to talk about. What are you initial feelings and thoughts?

Kyle Schlicher: It will probably hit me sometime tomorrow, but it just doesn't feel right. Well, obviously a loss is a loss and a loss sucks. But is just doesn't feel right because we put so much preparation into the week and we have improved so much the past four weeks. We expected to come out today with a win...and it just didn't happen.

Q: Talk about what is going through your mind at the end of regulation and the field goal (was about to be attempted).

Schlicher: Well, I just knew that we had to go out there and put it through to keep us alive in the game. As far as what was going through my head, I actually thought that the timeouts Michigan was calling was helping me get more time to prepare. That is something that, spur of the moment, would throw you off even more. I wasn't really worried or thinking about anything. When you are out there like that, in a pressure situation, your mind takes over. Then your body just follows it and goes through the motions like it has thousands of times before.

Q: What happened on the miss earlier (in the game) - was it a tip?

Schlicher: I think it did get tipped. But I am not fully sure what happened. I have heard several different things. I am not too worried about it. I have heard that is might have been a little low, that the line got pushed back, someone might have gotten through a little bit. As far as technique, everything felt fine, it is just something we will have to see tomorrow with film.

Q: You felt like you hit it cleanly though?

Schlicher: I did. Some guys were telling me that, coming off my leg, I may have miss-hit it a little bit. It didn't feel that way, but we will find out tomorrow and go from there.

Q: Do you feel the irony of 20 years ago?

Schlicher: Well, not until afterwards when Rob (Houghtlin) came up to me and said, "welcome to the Club." That felt good.


Q: It is a tough one to swallow, and maybe it has not hit you quite yet. What is your initial reaction?

Albert Young: Oh, it has definitely hit us. We had something great going on here with the streak and everything. For it to go down the way it did we are real upset about it.

Q: The offensive line was a positive in giving Drew time to throw the ball and you the holes to run the ball as well.

Young: Those guys have been going good all year. Those guys are continually improving. They get a lot of grief from the media, or used to, and they are definitely proving people wrong. Those guys were great today.

Q: On the final drive of regulation, are you thinking touchdown at that point?

Young: Definitely. We were thinking touchdown - you want to get out of there. We had confidence in Schlich to make the kick in that situation, and when he makes it is a 0-0 ballgame. We could not as for more than that when being down the way we were.

Q: What did Michigan do differently in the second half to shut you and the running game down?

Young: I don't know if they necessarily shut us down. They only stopped us for about four plays.

Q: Did they seem more focused on the run?

Young: Yeah, they were definitely playing it harder in the second half. They were definitely being more physical. That was it.

Q: Looking forward you have Northwestern. I am sure that with two weeks to prepare the team should be ready.

Young: We are the type of team that usually bounces back after tough losses. We lost a hard fought game today. Guys played their heart out. We just got the short end of the stick.

Q: Is it tough to go into the bye week with a loss?

Young: Yeah, I mentioned earlier in the week that it is much better going into it with a win. Not you have a lot more time to harp on it. But once we get back into the flow of things, to practice on Tuesday, we will fine ways to get by.

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