Jeremiha Hunter Impressed with Iowa

One of the more highly touted linebackers in the nation made his first official visit this past weekend to the University of Iowa. was able to catch up with Jeremiha Hunter to gain his impressions of the visit, which will interest to Iowa fans. Also, you will find information leading to our latest Iowa Football Recruiting target board where you will learn of Iowa's top targets at each position as we get closer to the heart of 'recruiting season'. It's all here in this FREE story.

There seems to be an old adage when talking about recruiting visits to Iowa City.

Often times, a prospect from Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, or another state of great distance will make a visit to Iowa City and come back to say that Iowa was completely the opposite of what was expected.

That isn't Jeremiha Hunter, though.

"Iowa was everything that I expected it to be," said Hunter. "I'm not making visits to check out the social aspects, though, and when it comes to football, Iowa has everything I want. I was impressed with the entire coaching staff, from Coach Ferentz to Coach Doyle and I really like the way they run their program. Their players are big, strong, physical players."

Part of his visit included sitting in on the linebacker meeting on Sunday afternoon following the heart-breaking loss to Michigan.

"I really enjoyed watching the film session and it made me really feel that I could play at Iowa. They broke down every play and the coaches would tell the players what they did wrong. I was so impressed with just how quickly they recognized a mistake and how they knew to react to it," stated Hunter.

Hunter specifically mentioned Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz and Strength and Conditioning coach Chris Doyle as two coaches he enjoyed. That included a one on one session with each coach.

"Coach Ferentz sat down with me, and basically just told me that he wants me to be a part of the program," added Hunter, who will be officially visiting Tennessee this weekend. "He told me that I remind him of Chad Greenway after watching my film as I can mix things up inside or I can cover on the outside. He said I bring a lot of energy and play with a lot of intensity. He really likes how well I am able to run, too."

His conversation with Coach Doyle was on a different spectrum as Hunter didn't learn of his qualities, but learned Coach Doyle's role, which ultimately gave Hunter a good impression of the Strength and Conditioning coach.

"Coach Doyle just spoke about his knowledge of strength and conditioning, and how hard he works with each of the players. He went over his schedule with me, and the fact he is hired full-time just to work with the football players. I really liked him a lot. He didn't just concentrate on power lifting, but really makes you work with explosive lifts," said Hunter.

After making his official visit to Tennessee this weekend, Hunter says he will also plan official visits to Georgia and Florida. He mentioned Penn State, Ohio State and Connecticut as possibilities for his fifth and final visit.

"My father came with me on my visit and he really liked Iowa a lot, too. Still, he wants me to take my other visits and that is what I want to do. Now, I will just have to see how Iowa measures up with the other schools that I visit," said Hunter.

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