Albert Young Readies for Stretch Run

Should he gain 1,000 yards on the season, he feels that would be a big thing for the offensive line

Q: Did you like the bye week?

Albert Young: It was nice to get some time off and regroup a little. I enjoyed it.

Q: What did you do over the weekend?

Young: Just got a chance to watch some other games for once. I was a couch potato the entire time and check everyone else out.

Q: Did you watch Northwestern?

Young: Yeah, we had a chance to check them out. We have to be ready to score.

Q: What did you see in their defense that you can exploit?

Young: I have not watched enough film of them yet to know that. It's the same routine each week. Establish the running game and everything else flows.

Q: Do you expect to carry a heavy load this weekend?

Young: I am rested and I am good. Whatever I am called upon to do.

Q: With their explosive offense, ball control will be big this weekend.

Young: We don't want to give them the ball, because those guys do a good job. With an explosive offense like that, it's best to keep them off the field. That is when a good running game can help and have nice long possessions to eat the clock.

Q: This is the stretch run, a push for a bowl game and maybe another Big Ten title. Do you think about that?

Young: We go one game at a time, but we would be fools to sit here and say that those things are not on our mind. It is near the end of the year and we know what is at stake. Every game is like a one game season, and there is a lot on the line in each game. We have to get bowl eligible first.

Q: If you have a good game, you can get to 1,000 yards rushing on the year. What would that mean?

Young: If we win it would mean a whole lot more. That would be nice. We did not have that many rushing yards last year, and we have had a year off from having a 1,000 yard rusher. First things first, we have to win the game and so be it if that comes with it. That would be a nice accomplishment for the offensive line and the backs as a unit.

Q: Did you think at beginning year that becoming bowl eligible would be so hard to get?

Young: You can say that, it's just the way things happened. We happened to lose some games early. We have lost three games, and the games started differently. There is pressure to get there now, because we have to get that one more win to get there. It's not something we expected.

Q: Eight teams are trying to get there.

Young: That is something else. There are a lot of teams set and ready to go, its just a matter of where you are going. That will make this stretch right here exciting. You have a lot of teams playing for the same thing.

Q: What are your thoughts about going against a defense that is statistically one of the worst in the nation?

Young: It doesn't mean anything, because it's all about that game on Saturday and how a team performs. You can't look at the numbers, because if you get caught up in that you are setting yourself up for failure.

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