Greenway Preparing for The Spread

Northwestern's offense will pose some challenges for Greenway, Iowa's defense

Q: How are you feeling after the bye?

Chad Greenway: My legs feel really good right now and I will be ready to run around and have some fun this week.

Q: Adding a 12th game next year and losing the bye week, what do you think the ramifications of that will be?

Greenway: It will be difficult for them to adjust to not having a bye week, but at the same time, we work year round to play games. Who would ever be opposed to that? I would not. I am here to play football games and we all look forward to that so why not have one more. And then the money that it brings into the University that helps out. Hopefully the team can maintain its health.

Q: Are you surpised with how well Basanez is playing?

Greenway: Not at all. We all new that he has talent. He has been starting here for years. He knows the offense in those situations and he has played well. It's not surprising what he is doing right now. He is like a second coach out there. He checks and audibles that maybe younger players would not do. He is playing well.

Q: With the way the Big Ten is, does making it to El Paso seem like a good thing?

Greenway: We are not thinking about that right now. We are worried about getting this win. With this win, we are eligible. Then we keep building. We don't worry where we end up. We have to worry about getting there and we are not there yet. We are not worried about the bowl picture and we are focusing on the next few weeks, mainly this one.

Q: What are the keys when you go against a spread offense?

Greenway: Typically you get walked out. The keys don't change. When you walk out of the box, that is that. It's the same each week. You get a glimpse of their face and see what they do on film and you try to read pass as best you can. Maybe you can't. That is a key, is to read that before the ball.

Q: Teams have exploited you guys when the linebackers are on the receivers. Is that something you try not to do?

Greenway: There are more plays that we have won than we have not, and you have to think about that. When you play in the league, people make completions, whether its on a DB or a linebacker. If a receiver makes a few catches, they go there. It's a give and take and that is the way our defense is. We are not going to change anything because we are playing well right now.

Q: Do you think you will go with a 3-4 against Northwestern?

Greenway: They spread out so much that the 3-4 might be tough to stop the run. But we will see what happens. That will be looked at.

Q: Is there a theme that Norm brings up against a spread?

Greenway: I think the thing you have to focus on is flying to the ball and tackling. Those are important. For example, the play that Breaston scored on. If we run to the ball at a good clip and pursue, maybe that does not happen for six. When you get spread out, you have to run to the ball and there is more ground to cover.

Q: Everyone talks about their passing game, but when they can't run, they have lost.

Greenway: That is the way that it has always been around here. If we can make a team one dimensional, we have been successful. Teams that have beaten us have run the ball. That is something we need to focus on is stopping the run first. Sutton is good at finding the hole. I don't think their offensive line is not as big as Michigan's or as great of blockers, but they are great at what they do in positioning you and that back gets through there. That is their scheme. It has been successful for them. IF we can stop the run first and make them pass 50 to 60 times, we will be more successful.

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