Chandler & Tate Talk Northwestern

Chandler has been Tate's favorite target this year, as he leads the team in receptions

Q: Did you guys rest up during the bye week?

Scott Chandler: I think it was good for us, a good time of year to have a bye. I think that a lot of the guys were able to heal some injuries and I think a lot of the guys were able to improve, the younger guys.

Q: Is this a three week season?

Chandler: From the beginning, we broke it down in each month. November is here and we try to improve each month and end November 3-0.

Q: You don't have to build up this week, everything pivots on this. You lose this game, and you are out of the title hunt.

Chandler: I don't think we can worry about the big picture right now. We need to take it a week at a time and this week is Northwestern. Getting bowl eligible. This week is about us winning.

Q: Is that bowl eligibility a water mark for you guys, something that you can shoot for?

Chandler: Yeah. That is one of our goals that we set at the beginning of the year, wanting to go to a bowl every year. That is a benchmark that we would like to meet.

Q: Are you preparing for an offensive shootout?

Chandler: Offensively, we know that we are going to try and put up some points, because Northerner puts up a lot of points. I think that as an offense, we are going to have to do that and hit it hard this week. Go out there prepared to put a lot of points up on the board.

Q: Tate seemed to look at you a lot against Michigan; are you enjoying getting the ball?

Chandler: Any time an opportunity presents itself, whoever is out there tries to make the play. Everyone enjoys doing that for the team. When it comes along, you go out there and make the plays that are there. I think that we have some guys that are stepping up right now and we need to keep doing that because we will need it down the stretch.

Drew Tate

Q: Did you like the bye week?

Drew Tate: It was good. It came at a great time and a lot of guys got some rest that needed it. I think that the coaches made it a smart week as far as practicing.

Q: What did you do?

Tate: Just relaxed. Watched TV.

Q: It does give you extra preparation time.

Tate: Yeah, we started on Northwestern on Thursday, so that is five more days than we normally have. We jumped on film early and we got to see them on TV against Michigan. I watched a little bit of that game. It was a pretty good game. Northwestern is a good team. They can beat you. They can score any time and their defense comes up when you least expect it.

Q: With Northwestern having such an explosive offense, can you use ball control on your end to be a part of the defense?

Tate: I think so, as long as we can keep them off the field and not give them as many chances to score. That will come down to the running game pretty much and you can pass it too.

Q: Are you anxious to play again?

Tate: Yeah, I am. Especially with losing the last time. Then you sit and watch; it was good to relax, but as a player you always want to play.

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