Hodge and Mattison Prepare for Cat Attack

Defensive duo knows that staying with their assignments will be key this week

Q: Coming into a game again with another great linebacker, does that motivate you?

Abdul Hodge: Not at all. My main concern about the game is what they do offensively and trying to stop the run and the passing game. Trying to run around and help our team win.

Q: What do you see out of their young back?

Hodge: He (Sutton) is a guy that is very quick. He knows how to hit the hole and once he is in the open field, you have to be aware of him because he can take it the distances.

Q: How do you plan on handling their option out of the shot gun?

Hodge: We have seen that a few times this year, so we have an idea of what we will do. The most important thing is our responsibilities, get everyone to the ball.

Q: Does discipline come into play more in a game like this?

Hodge: Anytime you play against option teams or teams that do screens and reverses, you have to be honest. We have to know our roles as a defense this week and execute our assignments.

Q: Did you watch Northwestern play Michigan?

Hodge: Yeah, I watched most of the game. It was a tough game. Even though they lost, they did some great things on offense.

Q: Do you still take one game at a time, or is it more than that with just three games to go?

Hodge: You always have to think one at a time. When you look at the big picture, you can lose focus. Right now, our concern is Northwestern. They are up next. We want to prepare this week and win the game on Saturday.

Bryan Mattison

Q: Did you get much work in last week?

Bryan Mattison: A little bit. We worked on fundamentals, which we needed obviously. It's another spread offense and they are good. You have to stop the offense to beat them.

Q: Basanez can run and throw, so do you do some of the same things as you did against Purdue and Illinois?

Mattison: You have to keep him contained. We cannot let him start running around.

Q: What is your assignment when he is in that spread option?

Mattison: It depends. If they dive off of it, the end has to take the dive. Otherwise you are a quarterback player and someone else has the pitch.

Q: Will we see more nickel versus eight in the box this week?

Mattison: I have no idea. We could. They pass. But you have to be careful with their run. If you set up for the pass, they will run on you.

Q: Will we see more of the 3-4?

Mattison: We could. We do what they tell us to do.

Q: What is your assignment in 3-4?

Mattison: The 3-4, we do different things out of it, but usually the two ends try to get pressure and move the quarterback up in the pocket and usually Kroul is there to mirror the quarterback. We do different things out of it though.

Q: What did you do during the bye week?

Mattison: I went back to Indiana. I went back and hung out with some friends, and my girlfriend is there. I went and helped out on the farm a little bit and watched the Florida game (his father coaches there).

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