Allen talks Wildcats

Antwan Allen discusses the challenges and excitement of playing the spread offense in this premium interview transcript.

Q: Did you watch the Northwestern game?

Antwan Allen: Yeah. They're very impressive. Ever since last year. That's pretty much all you can say.

Q: Are we going to see some more Nickel packages this week with their spread offense?

Allen: I'm not sure, you'll have to ask the coaches about that one.

Q: Is this kind of a 3-week season at this point? You have bowl eligibility riding on this game, Big Ten season, things kind of start over after the bye week?

Allen: It's definitely a 3 week season. There is no bowl unless we can get eligible. That's out of our minds, it's just taking it one day at a time, going out and doing what we've got to do, showing up on Saturday.

Q: They've got such an explosive offense, especially the passing attack. How much does that put pressure on you guys to step up in the backfield?

Allen: It's a lot of pressure, but we have 7 other guys out there with us, so it's pressure on our whole defense as far as going out there and doing what we're supposed to do.

Q: What do you see out of Basanez?

Allen: He scrambles a lot, he's always constantly looking for a receiver, his receivers are always trying to get open. He throws a good ball. That's what I see.

Q: Have you faced him in your career?

Allen: No.

Q: You guys always talk about the bye week, getting a lot of rest, getting healthy, but doesn't it also give you some more time to study the opponent?

Allen: Yeah, it gives us a little advantage, that extra week to prepare, everything like that.

Q: So you feel better prepared for this game?

Allen: You couldn't say that. I feel like I'm prepared every week. I'm not sure, I guess.

Q: Are these the type of weeks you like, as defensive backs? A team that's going to throw it all over the place?

Allen: I would say so. Any time you're a defensive back, you look forward to someone coming out and passing on you, where there's good receivers, whoever. Any time you get a chance where a ball is in the air, if you're a defensive back, you've got to like it.

Q: What are the keys against this Northwestern team, to slowing them down? Maybe something you saw from what Michigan was able to do?

Allen: At this point, I'm not sure.

Q: Is it somewhat of a surprise how well Basanez has played this year?

Allen: No, I don't think it's a surprise. I mean, if you look at last year, I felt like they played good. With them coming back, doing what they're doing this year, it's no surprise to me.

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