Karl Klug: Another Diamond in the Rough?

Iowa has made a habit of stumping the experts. Net gurus had no idea about the likes of Bob Sanders or Dallas Clark, yet the Iowa staff turned them into All Americans. History may be repeating itself in the form of athlete Karl Klug of Caledonia, Minnesota. He recently caught the Iowa recruiting world by surprise by committing to Kirk Ferentz. Scout.com's Josh Clark caught up with Klug and Caledonia head coach Carl Fruechte and paints an in-depth report on how all of this came to be.

The Iowa Hawkeyes have experienced a lot of success on the recruiting trails during this year's regular season and that continued on Monday when they added commitment Karl Klug.

"I was shocked when Iowa offered me a scholarship," Klug said.

Krug had learned of the Hawkeye scholarship offer on Sunday night after Iowa assistant Reese Morgan had phoned Caledonia head coach Carl Fruechte.

"I still can't believe I'm a Hawkeye right now," continued Klug, who is 6-foot-4, 220-pounds and runs a 4.6 forty yard dash. "This is all just so unreal to me, and I really don't think it's going to hit me until I get there."

According to Coach Fruechte, the Hawkeyes landed themselves one heck of a football player.

"Karl is just such an explosive athlete," said Coach Fruechte. "He plays both running back and defensive end for us, and he is just extremely nasty. He is very physical and he doesn't back down from contact. His family has good genetics, good bone structure and I really believe Karl is a guy you will see put on an effective 40 or 50 pounds."

Those were the same sentiments the Hawkeyes shared with Fruechte and Klug after watching film.

"I can remember Coach Morgan's exact words right now," added Fruechte, who is leading third-ranked Class 2A Caledonia (10-0) into the second round of sectionals this Friday. "He said after watching the senior film that Karl was exactly the player they thought he was and that he was their type of guy. They really wanted him to be a part of the program."

According to the coach, both he and Klug were optimistic of an offer after attending the Iowa-Indiana game on October 15th.

"We brought Karl down for the speed clinic last May when the Hawkeye coaches got their first look at him. They wanted him to attend their camp, but the dates just didn't work out. They remained in consistent contact and then we knew the interest was serious when they invited us down for the Indiana game. After the game, Karl was one of only two prospects invited back to the locker room to share in the post game celebration," Fruechte said.

Klug offered his feelings of taking part in that experience.

"It was pretty cool; there were all kinds of photos being taken of the players. I got to hear the after-the-game speech, and even spoke with Coach (Norm) Parker and Coach (Kirk) Ferentz for a little while," Klug said.

The locker room experience really helped establish Iowa as the leader.

"I really knew that I wanted to go to Iowa after seeing that type of atmosphere, and the atmosphere of the city. I don't like the fact that the University of Minnesota is located right in the middle of the city, and Iowa City kind of felt like home to me. The outside perception is that it's a hick town, but hey, it is just like home," stated Klug.

Klug said the Hawkeye coaches informed him that they'll likely start him at linebacker, but for now he is being recruited for the defensive side of the ball.

Klug also admits he still has some bonding to do with the Hawkeye coaches.

"You could say I committed more to the program than I did the coaches as I still need to get to know them a bit more," added Klug, who had not yet set an official visit with Iowa. "I could tell right off the bat that they are down to earth people and coaches that I could get used to being around. I've really only spent time with them on two occasions, at the speed camp and after the Indiana game, but that is why I'm looking forward to my official visit.

Klug, who was receiving interest from Iowa State and Minnesota, has recorded 15 sacks, 25 quarterback pressures and has recovered six fumbles. On offense, he has rushed for 874 yards from his tailback spot.

On paper, there is no question that Karl Klug looks to be the type of player that Chris Doyle loves to transform into a major division one performer. Coach Fruechte already has Klug on a similar workout.

"One of my good friends, who is also good friends with Chris Doyle, is Scott Safe, the owner of Safe Inc., up in Cedar Falls. I actually just spoke with Scott before you called and he was happy to know Karl was a Hawkeye. Scott sells all the weight room equipment Iowa uses and also does that for the Olympic Association up here in Minnesota. I have Karl lifting three times a week right now, and he is doing similar lifts like what Coach Doyle does out at Iowa," stated Fruechte.

Lastly, Coach Fruechte offered his thoughts on Karl's twin brother, Kyle Klug (6'2 190), who is Iowa is hoping will walk-on.

"Kyle can run very well, and is just as nasty as Karl, but he is smaller at only 190 versus being 220 like Karl. I know Iowa really would like for him to walk-on and that he and Karl would like to continue to play with one another, but that is something Iowa and the Klug family will have to work out," said Coach Fruechte.

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