Hawks Talk: Brunner, Horner & Thomas

Iowa won its exhibition season opener on Thursday night 97-36 against Brock University from Canada. Jeff Horner had a team high six assists in 23 minutes, Greg Brunner pulled down 10 boards in 18 minutes and Doug Thomas scored 17 points in 15 minutes. Read their post game comments here...

Q: What did you think of Doug Thomas?

Greg Brunner: Doug, everyone. That is what these games are for. Get those guys in and let them run and they were having a great time. We had production and enthusiasm like that, we are going to have a great team. I was impressed with all of them.

Q: Doug looked more in the flow; coach said he is more into the flow than last year.

Brunner: No doubt. He is more confident. He seems like he is more comfortable out there. He is reading things; he is a very physical rebounder. He is doing a great job.

Q: What happened to Brock in second half?

Brunner: I think they played yesterday, too. I think they were tired. You could tell that their legs went out a little bit. They had some foul trouble with their guards. It's one of those things. They played well and they are a great team.

Jeff Horner

Q: Talk about what Doug Thomas brings to the table

Jeff Horner: We need Doug to come in and electrify us and get rebounds. His jumper was on tonight. He will be big for us. We will need that from him each game, and his energy. If he can do that, this team can be pretty good.

Q: You dunked a few times…is it that you have been hanging out with Doug?

Horner: (Laughs)I get made fun of with that stuff. No one believes that I can do it. It was kind of funny. The first one, I was a little tired going up and I barely got it. The second one I felt pretty good. I knew I had to do it on the second one. I learned from a good one in Doug. It was fun. I can tell Bru that I have more dunks than him on the season. I am two for two. I had a lot in high school, and I think I have had just one in college until tonight.

Doug Thomas

Q: What did you think about your performance tonight?

Doug Thomas: I am not feeling so good, but I played good. I just did what coached asked me to do, move around. Coach tells me to let the game come to me. I was not trying to do anything out side of my game. I am trying to rebound and I want to get those numbers up. I was running plays and hitting the open gaps. Jeff had some good passes and that lets me dunk, and I like that.

Q: Is it the flu?

Thomas: No, just my nose is stopped up and some pain in my eyes. I just fought through that and did not sit there and whine.

Q: Do you think you have made improvements to your game from last year?

Thomas: I feel in better shape this year, more confident in my jump shot and I know that I can rebound. My athleticism, no one should be able to out jump me. Athleticism helps me to rebound. Being 6-8, 250-pounds I can still feel like a guard. I think that is an advantage I have on the fast break opportunities. Get a few dunks off the break.

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