Play the HN Pickem Contest for Special Prizes

Get ready to win big with when you pick selected college football games. The winner each week will claim an autographed copy of Hawkeye Nation the Magazine signed by some of your favorite Hawkeyes. The contest only is open to subscribers, so don't miss your chance to win.

We know many of you have enjoyed our increased content this preseason. We've also picked up our pace in terms of getting information to you as soon as possible, bulked up our collection of photos and added exciting new features like our audio files.

Well, we're not done yet.

This season, will conduct a contest allowing our subscribers to compete against each other in picking a selection of college football games. The person that selects the most games correctly will receive a personally autographed copy of a HN Magazine.

The magazines we have for this season are: Warren Holloway, Feb. '05, Cap 1 Bowl Celebration; Matt Roth, Oct. '03, Crushing Carson Palmer; and a dual signed Chad Greenway/Abdul Hodge, Oct. '04, Thunder & Lightning.

We only have a limited number (2) of the Greenway/Hodge, so those will be up for a prize on special weekends. We will let you folks know when posting the games chosen for selection each given week which magazine is that week's prize.

A Warren issue will serve as Week 11's prize. On Sunday morning, Rob Howe will go over the entries and inform the winner by email. The winner then must email Rob a mailing address to which to send the autographed magazine.

As we said, this contest is open only to subscribers. If you're not a subscriber, you will not able to access the page with the picks on it.

Also, each person will be allowed just one entry as they recorded by user names and email addresses which we have on file for you. This also will eliminate jokers who might try putting Jon Miller's user name on their entry.

We have three tiebreakers.

  1. The total score of the Iowa game. That means the total number of points scored by Iowa and their opponent without going over.
  2. The total number of passing yards by both teams in the Iowa game without going over.
  3. The total number of rushing yards by both teamsin the Iowa game without going over.

If you tie for the most correct games, but fail to fill out these three tiebreakers, you'll be out of luck.

We hope you guys enjoy this new feature, and may the best person win.

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