Greenway, Team Offended by Basanez Remarks

NW QB Basanez questioned Iowa's sportsmanship, something Greenway and Iowa did not like

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Q: Are you over the loss yet?

Chad Greenway: It was so shocking, almost like it didn't happen. But it did happen and it's now past and we have to look past it and get on the accelerator for this week, or we will be in trouble. Our goal is to get bowl eligible and it will be a tough atmosphere up there, but we are going to go and give it our best shot after a great week of practice and fly around and have some fun.

Q: Did you ever imagine this would be how your senior season would go, here before the tenth game fighting to become bowl eligible?

Greenway: It's not something you hope for, but in this conference it's a possibility. There are great teams. We are a few plays away from being 7-2 like we were last year and people would be happy. The character of our team will come out the next couple of weeks. If we just finish these last two games and give it everything we have…

Q: Is there something missing?

Greenway: I don't think there is. I think the same character was on last year's team, it's just that we are not finishing this year or getting the big plays or turnovers on defense like we did last year. The little things that are adding to it.

Q: How do you game plan to stop Calhoun, who is another great Wisconsin back?

Greenway: It doesn't get any easier for us this week. Calhoun is a man by himself that you need to stop. He is the guy you need to stop to stop them. They have great players other than him, Williams and Stocco can hurt you. But if you can limit Calhoun's yards and make them throw the ball and get them out of their rhythm, they will help you.

Q: How tough is it to hold off on hitting a quarterback when they slide late?

Greenway: It was a bad decision on my part and I am the first one to tell you that. But it's one of those things…I have always been that way. I go out there and be as physical as I can for a game and as a linebacker, your job is to stop a ball carrier and I feel that it might not have been a late hit, but I would not want to be the ref in that situation to make that call. It was my fault to have him make that call. That play is in the past and I won't think about it any more. It wasn't the greatest time for me to be doing that and as a senior, I need to make better decisions late in a game. But it's in the past and it's time for the foot on the accelerator.

Q: Did you see it?

Greenway: We saw it on film. You can see where the flag would have come, but you can see where it would not have come in that situation. But that is not for me to decide or think about. I need to keep playing.

Q: Will the seniors crack the whip this week?

Greenway: I think that is something we have been doing all year. I think we have gotten pretty decent leadership out of our seniors and we need to keep it up and keep getting better. We have had great preparation the last two weeks, but we need to go out there and finish it and do what we do in practice on the game field.

Q: Is there a sense of urgency right now?

Greenway: I think there has been a sense of urgency around here. The way we have prepared, the way we have taken on the game film, I think we have had a good sense of urgency to get better and doing the things that it will take to win.

Q: What did you make of Basanez's comments that were directed and you and the team, that questioned your sportsmanship?

Greenway: I read that. The people who know me know that I would never be a head hunter. But you try to be physical. There is a lot to be said for the way he was flopping the whole game, too. It offense us as a team. There was no way, if you look back at our record and our films, we probably have fewer personal fouls than any team in the nation. That comment was unfair and for those people that know us, we would never teach football like that, I think those were his words. Let's just move on. That is the past. We will practice hard and keep getting better.

Q: How mentally tough is this team?

Greenway: I think we are mentally tough. I don't know if we had a let down, but you couldn't have written it that way, because it would not be believable. I think we have a good sense around here of what it takes to get the job done. We have been there and we need to put the nail in the coffin.

Q: Coach talked about one of 10 or 15 plays making a difference. What were few of those on defense?

Greenway: There are just plays out there. My personal foul, there are just plays throughout the game. We were giving up passes, I know there was one instance where I came out of coverage to contain Basanez and he threw it over my head for a completion. Those types of things that if I stay in coverage, he does not complete that. What if's. You can pick through an entire season. That is not something you want to do at this time. If you do that, you hurt yourself. Right now, we need to stay focused on what we need to do and prepare ourselves for a great week. It will be a lot of fun up there. I think we need to focus on that right now.

Q: Does what Basanez says change the way you play?

Greenway: No. You guys have been around me for four years. I play emotionally, I have fun and if something good happens I will celebrate with my teammates, and if something bad happens, I will be the first to take ownership. I am not going to change how I play. I will be physical and fly around because that is what you do as a linebacker. Abdul does it, we all do it. McGarigle for Northwesterns is the same way. If you are not flying around, you are not playing and I am not going to change.

Q: What did the official talk with you about early in the game after you bumped into Basanez?

Greenway: He was just saying that he was going to protect the quarterback, because I understand that and I have been in this league. The difference is that I was not hitting him when he was flopping.

Q: Do you try to explain to him what is going on?

Greenway: Yeah, when you touch him he is flopping, what can you do. Let's move on from this. That is in the past and we need to get it out of our brains.

Q: What about the overall senior leadership on this team?

Greenway: I think we have had good senior leadership to a point. This is our team, Coach Ferentz has always said that. Maybe we need to have that extra effort in the end of the games when there is three minutes left. Just the little things that maybe we can do more. If you are losing, you can always do more. That is the way we are looking at it and how we will approach practice this week and continue to do more and push the younger guys. The younger guys can also be leaders, too. I think we have a good base for that and we have been doing a good job, we just need to keep pushing.

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