Hawks Talk Wartburg: Brunner & Freeman

Greg Brunner has faith in the reserves and Tony Freeman talks about knowing his role

Greg Brunner

Q: What were your thoughts on the game?

Greg Brunner: We did a great job of vocalizing the offense. All of those guys, I trust them out there playing (the reserves). They can do whatever they want and they will be successful. I am proud of the way that everyone works.

Q: Do you have more guys that you can trust on the floor this year, a little more depth?

Brunner: Very much so. The young guys are not freshmen. Tony (Freeman) has a big learning curve because he is going against upper classmen every day; he rarely goes against an underclassmen and that helps him. He is still young; you can see it in him. We need him on defense and an occasional shot here and there and he understands that and works hard to make the opponent work for everything they get.

Q: Should fans go ahead and buy their tickets to Kansas City for the Guardians semifinals?

Brunner: We have some teams coming in here that will come in and fight. We have not watched tape of opponents yet, but we will start now. They will give us a fight and battle to make sure that we earn our w ay to Kansas City if we get there.

Q: Can you apply the first 30 minutes of this game?

Brunner: It's all about learning. I think the more you learn as you go, I would rather have a game what Wartburg did to us tonight than blowing them out by 60; you don't learn anything that way. You saw the character of the team tonight. It was a situation that you learn from. (Iowa led 28-21 at halftime and it was 41-36 with just under 13 minutes to play in the game)

Tony Freeman

Q: Did you guys expect to have to work this hard tonight?

Tony Freeman: These guys (Wartburg) are from Iowa, and I am not, so I don't know if there is a rivalry there or not. They were intense and they played hard. It was a tough game and we had to grind it out.

Q: How good does it feel to get a lot of minutes as a freshman, as it's looking like you will be a big part of the team?

Freeman: My role is to step in and bring a spark off of the bench. If I can do that, I will get minutes. But I am learning my role. We have an established team. I come in and play defense and do the best I can.

Q: Is a part of that doubling down on defense?

Freeman: You have to help out the post. Help defense is a big part of what we do. Coach, every day he strives to preach help defense, because guys are going to drive and penetrate, and we are quick enough to help out down there.

Q: Did you think it would be like this when you first got here, playing right away?

Freeman: I liked the coaches and players a lot and I saw myself playing some before I got here, but knowing my role because they have an established team. Just doing whatever I could to get minutes.

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