Hawks Talk Wartburg: Henderson & Thomas

Henderson scored 10 points and Thomas added 14 in Iowa's 27 point win

Mike Henderson

Q: What was the emphasis on tonight?

Mike Henderson: Coach was really big, he had on the board to get it inside the block, really try to penetrate. Look to get others involved. We really tried to get the ball inside to Bru to take advantage of his height and weight

Q: Were you guys ready for them to play you so tough?

Henderson: I think we were just kind of shocked at how hard they came out and competed. They really came out hard. They have a lot of Iowa guys. They seized the moment and took an opportunity. We were just coming out laid back I think and complacent. They gave us a great game and we had to respond to it. After halftime, we made a few adjustments.

Q: Did you need a half like that to get you going?

Henderson: Definitely. It was important that we came out and were the aggressors in the second half. That first half, it was hard to tell who were the aggressors out there. They came out and they were guarding us on the wings; they were every where. They were making shots and we were stagnant for a while. We had too many turnovers. It was good that we came out in the second half and reversed the roles.

Doug Thomas

Q: How would you rate the team's performance?

Doug Thomas: We came out kind of flat. We maybe took a division three school lightly thinking it would be an easy game. They came out firing, thinking this was Iowa and if they could get a win here, that would be good. I think the second half, it was hard to flip that switch and it was a mediocre performance.

Q: You were up five with 12:36 to play; what do you take from first 30 minutes?

Thomas: You can never underestimate your opponent. You have to come out and play hard no matter who you are playing, like it's your last game. Coach said that Jeff is our leader, and he did not have a good start. But he showed tremendous heart, diving on the ground. Jeff stepped it up and was patting people on the back. I think people fed off of that and we got it together and we went on a nice run at the end.

Q: You have had two good individual performances in the first two games. How do you feel about your game?

Thomas: I think I am doing pretty good individually, but I am more of a team player. I didn't have any dunks, but I had 14 points off of hustle plays and being there for put backs. I am here to be a rebounder and a defensive player and if I get my chance to score I am going to do that. I will try to be the best player I can and do whatever I can to help my team win.

Q: Do you feel like you are more confident on offense this year?

Thomas: I think I am confident in my offensive game all around. As far as finding open spots in the offense, cutting to the basket. When Jeff gets the ball, you don't; know where he is going to throw it. If you find an open spot, you better believe Jeff will be looking there. The two times I did that tonight, Jeff found me and I was able to get a couple of easy ones.

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