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Back problems are among the most painful and nagging injuries that one has to deal with in life. When I tweaked my back in January of 2006, the pain was incredible and left me incapable of doing many of the normal things I had taken for granted. A friend recommended Dr. Steve Koester. After regular treatments from Dr. Koester, I am back on my feet and thankful that I paid him a visit.

And it's not like I went to see him right away. I felt, like many people do, that the pain and the problem would just naturally work itself out. It used to work that way, but the older we get, the harder that can be to take place naturally.

Dr. Koester asked me if I had ever been in any previous car accidents or serious collisions, as my pelvis was rotated to one side. I had been in an accident when I was seventeen, and a sports medicine doctor had me working on rehab for that very problem. Apparently, the treatment was not thorough and it never went away; my body just adapted. 17 years later and doing a head stand in a pool for my toddler that I should not have been doing, things sort of 'broke loose'.

After my first adjustment from Dr. Koester, I felt immediate relief. After subsequent visits and treatments, I felt better and stronger. I could not recommend his services and expertise more strongly.

Dr. Koester's practice is easily accesible from anywhere in the Greater Des Moines Metro area, located just across the street from the Target Store in Urbandale, near the Grimes exit off of I-35/I-80.

Dr. Keoster specializes in treating back & neck pain, headaches/migraines, arm & leg pain, sports injuries, auto accidents, pregnancy discomfort, ear infections, infant colic and overall health and wellness

Dr. Koester graduated with B.A. from University of Iowa and earned his Doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport. He grew up on a farm near Fort Dodge. He, his wife and two daughters live in Grimes.

Please give him a call, as he can help you on your way to recovery.

He is located at 11115 Plum Drive, Urbandale, Iowa. Here is a Map
Call for a consultation and appointment: 515-251-3240

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