UW Postgame - Hodge & Greenway

Chad Greenway and Abdul Hodge talk about the suddenly stifling defense in these premium postgame transcripts.

Abdul Hodge

Q: They started marching with a minute left.

Abdul Hodge: They got in their 2-minute offense. The most important thing was that we didn't want to give them anything deep. The time was on our side, so we just buckled down and got down and made the plays. Time expired on them when they tried to go deep with that last pass.

Q: Talk about getting the victory today.

Hodge: It was a big victory, especially for our program, it makes us bowl eligible, we wanted to come our here and get a 6th win. Playing here in Camp Randall was tough, especially with Barry's last game, when everybody was filled with emotions on the other side, it was good to get that win.

Q: Just talk about next Saturday, senior day for you guys.

Hodge: Yeah, that's going to be an emotional day for us, especially for the seniors. Our last day in Kinnick Stadium, we want to leave strong.

Q: 4-0 against Wisconsin.

Hodge: Any time you're playing Wisconsin, it's going to be a tough ball game, especially coming up here, playing in their home field. It was a big win for us, especially our program. It makes us bowl eligible, and that's a plus.

Chad Greenway: We finished it, that was the difference. This is probably our best performance, I think everybody's improved, especially the line.

Q: What is it about this team when people count you guys out, when they say things are over?

Greenway: I think that it wasn't about what people were saying, it's about that we knew we had better. We knew we should be 8-2 right now, we knew that, and we just left plays out there that we shouldn't have done. That's hard to have in your soul and the back of your mind. As a player, you know you can't do that, you can't let up, you've just got to keep playing for 60. Today we did that, and you can see the difference.

Q: Were you surprised they came out throwing like they did?

Greenway: No, I think they knew they were shut off a little bit, I think they wanted to come our and surprise us. I thought they would have tried to pound the ball early and then went to a passing game. That's the way it worked out, it worked for them early, then we kind of figured out what they were doing.

Q: It seemed like they never could find a running game when they tried to go back to it.

Greenway: Yeah, they tried to go back, and it was shut off, we maintained that. That was a big key. If they get the ball rolling there, who knows what happens, they have a long drive, score, go up by 2 touchdowns, and then what happens? We knew we had to dig in, get up the field a couple times in that 3rd quarter, and that's what we accomplished.

Q: You lose two games, a lot of teams, there's that momentum factor, "Oh no," it's tough to dig ourselves out. How were you guys able to do that?

Greenway: I think you credit just the team coming together and playing hard. We knew we had to finish for 60 and I think that was the biggest thing, we knew we had to get it done. When you're backed into a corner, we knew we'd come out fighting.

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