UW Postgame - Jovon Johnson

Jovon Johnsont talks about spoiling the Badger party in this premium update.

Q: Talk about the suspense a bit in the second half. You guys have been there before, what made this different?

Jovon Johnson: I think we wanted it more. We had more confidence today than we did in the last few games. It was more of an attack mode for us instead of just laying back and trying to protect the lead. I think that's what helped us the most.

Q: Looking at this miracle cure, you were on the no-play list.

Johnson: I kind of wish Coach made it that way, I didn't want anybody to know I was playing. At the same time, I went in, got treatment, did what I had to do with the trainers. I went and got an MRI earlier in the week to see what was wrong with me. They did a great job of getting me prepared, building my confidence that I could be out on the field and go full speed.

Q: What changed defensively?

Johnson: We just got more pressure up front, the d-line did a great job in the second half. We just did what we wanted to today. The linebackers made plays, and the secondary obviously gave up some passes, but at the same time, we contained them pretty well.

Q: How good does it feel to spoil the party for all the Wisconsin fans?

Johnson: It feels good, I'm kind of sad for my teammate for a few years in high school, Levonne Rowan, but at the same time I'm happy because he never got the opportunity to beat me in college.

Q: You think Levonne's going to give you a call?

Johnson: Oh yeah. He already wanted me to come over to their locker room thing and talk to them. I'm afraid I can't do that, because I'm about to celebrate with my team.

Q: Did you guys change anything, defensively, in the second half?

Johnson: Oh no, we didn't change anything. We made our adjustments to what they were hurting us with, those screens, then in the second half we just prepared for it, waited on it to see if it was going to happen again. They ran a lot of screens on us in the first half, and it kind of hurt us, but at the same time, in the second half, we were prepared for it.

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