UW Postgame - Ed Hinkel

Read what Ed Hinkel had to say after his first game back from an injury in this premium update.

Q: What was the difference in the two halves, in your opinion?

Ed Hinkel: I think we were just executing in the second half. We kind of got off to a little bit of a slow start. We were moving the ball, but we just couldn't finish any of our drives on offense. We picked up the intensity in the second half, and really got it going.

Q: How good did it feel for you to be back on the field, contributing?

Hinkel: It felt awesome. I want to thank Dr. Amendola and Paul and Russ, our trainers. They put a lot of hours in the last couple weeks in with me and I just want to publicly thank them for doing that.

Q: How hard was it for you to sit on the sidelines and watch what (your team) when through the last couple weeks?

Hinkel: It was hard, I felt bad I couldn't be out there with them. We work hard all off-season and during the season. I wish I could have been out there with them, but unfortunately, the arm happened.

Q: What about your defense, they held Calhoun to 18 yards rushing.

Hinkel: The defense did an awesome job today. Those guys were prepared, they had an awesome week of practice, they just really picked up the intensity in the second half as well, just did a great job tackling today.

Q: What does this victory means for this team?

Hinkel: It means a lot, it was big. We said before the game, this was going to show our character, this team. We picked it up and showed a little character.

Q: Did the seniors have to say anything special this week?

Hinkel: No, we didn't really do anything different. Guys know what they've got to do.

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