University of Iowa Senior Dinner

May Day was an especially big day for University of Iowa senior athletes as the Polk County 'I' Club held their annual Senior Dinner at the posh Des Moines Club. The purpose of the dinner is to introduce the graduating athletes to prospective employers. University of Iowa President Mary Sue Coleman, Head Football Coach Kirk Ferentz and NCAA Faculty Rep Bonnie Slatten all spoke about the dedication that all the athletes have demonstrated to balance athletics, academics and a social life........

Prominent Des Moines businessman David Fisher has hosted this event since it's inception 20 years ago. Fisher started the event as a way to help former Hawkeye athletes secure employment in the state of Iowa.

President Mary Sue Coleman serves on the Knight Commission of the NCAA and is very interested in the quality of Iowa intercollegiate athletics. She spoke about the fine balancing act that the athletes do using time management to train, compete, and study while maintaining a social life. p>NCAA Faculty Representative Bonnie Slatten spoke about how comitted the Iowa coaches are in making sure that there athletes graduate.

While President Coleman and other dignitaries sang the praises of the athletes, each graduate was introduced and did a great job of representing themselves.

Aaron Kampman said "Kirk Ferentz has repeatedly told all of us that since the average career in the NFL is only 3.3 years, we had better study and get our degrees! I love the Green Bay Packers, but I am prepared now for a career after football."

Coach Kirk Ferentz said "I'm proud that the University of Iowa football team was 5th out of the 50 NCAA bowl teams in graduation rates. However, there is room for improvement."

Career choices were very diverse. For example, some are going to graduate schools to pursue medicine and law while several midterm graduates are already working in sales and marketing.

Employers were impressed with how the athletes presented themselves so many will be hired because of the contacts made at this event.

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