UMES Postgame - Gorney, Thomas

Doug Thomas and Seth Gorney were a combined 7-7 from the field in Iowa's win over UMES Monday night. Read what the Iowa big men had to say in this premium update.

Seth Gorney

Q: (On the tempo of tonight's game)

Seth Gorney: We wanted to pick it up as much as we could and learn from the other two games we had played, and I think we did that really well tonight.

Q: How bad would you guys want to be in Kansas City next week playing Kentucky?

Gorney: We'd like to, but right now we're not looking past Colgate tomorrow, and hopefully we'll get that under our belt tomorrow, then move on to Kansas City and see how things work from there.

Q: How comfortable are you going out there and playing this year compared to last year?

Gorney: It's two different worlds, really. Last year I was new at this, didn't know what I was doing, just kind of excited, scared, and nervous all at once out there. Now I just come out and have a little more poise under my belt and it's really helped out a lot.

Q: Has it seemed like the whole bench is that way? The guys come out there and there seems to be no real drop-off.

Gorney: I really do, I think everybody just plays up to everybody else's level, you just have a consistent level of intensity, aggressiveness out there, and it just doesn't stop.

Q: You guys played with such good tempo today, were you that fast all during practice?

Gorney: We didn't really go that fast in practice, we were just trying to get out and run. Tonight our whole focus was just to try and outrun the other team, show the home crowd that we're coming to play, looking to do big things this year.

Doug Thomas

Q: Tony's pass off the glass, what'd you think of that?

Doug Thomas: I really wasn't expecting it off the backboard. There were like 3 defenders in front of me. I talked to him about it, I said, "I was expecting it behind the back, I was the trailer guy, I had 3 guys in front of me, pitch it, pitch it to me." If he had pitched it to me, the lane was wide open. I just saw him release it. When he let it go, it hit right next to the rim, I thought I wasn't going to get it. I saw a guy in the air, so I'm on top of the guy, he had the ball in his hand coming down, I just grabbed it out of his hands in the air and just dunked on him. I'm glad I got it, it was a good pass. I think if I wouldn't have gotten it, coach would have yanked (Tony) out, so I think I saved some minutes for him.

Q: (Another question on the dunk)

Thomas: I felt like I was in high school again, that's what I did in high school all the time, off the backboard. I forgot what region I played in high school, but I played in a pacific league in high school, when I went to a city league, if I was on a fast break, that's all I'd get from my point guards. I felt like I was in high school, that was an AAU thing. If I've got a guard that can throw it to me like that, it's really exciting.

Q: Do you think Tony might get in trouble?

Thomas: I told him, I said, "Tony, you're lucky I caught that, Coach would have snatched you right out of the game." At halftime, coaches were like, "Hey, that's creative." They weren't expecting it off the backboard.

Q: Is this the kind of stat line that Coach really would like to get out of you? Maybe not as many points, but a big night rebounding?

Thomas: I kind of got down on myself a bit because the first two games I had double digits, but then I thought about it again and decided not to worry about it. I'm not worried about double digit points, I got double digit rebounds. If I'm in there being active, I got deflections, I was on the ground for balls, blocking shots, if I do that for Coach, I think he'll play me a lot, so I'll just continue playing hard day-in and day-out, practicing hard. I'll fight through those little nicks and injuries, have a good season.

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