Senior Moment: Chad Greenway Q & A

Greenway sees a lot of importance in ending this season, career, with a win in Kinnick Stadium

Q: What will you be glad to leave behind at Iowa?

Chad Greenway: 24 55's in the summer. That is our conditioning drill in the summer. It's the hardest thing there is. 24, 55 yard sprints. I won't miss that one at all.

Q: What time period do you run those in?

Greenway: We get like 20 seconds of rest between sprints.

Q: Do you remember what Maroney can do if he finds a seam?

Greenway: He is a very good back, one of the best in the nation. Calhoun was last week, too and still is. We have played good backs this year in the Big Ten and this weekend will be no exception. The only exception might be that they have two or three of them that have the same ability. It's to our benefit that he is on our grass than on their turf. That turf is to their liking more than ours. They have a great line and a great scheme and we will have to have our best game if we want to have a chance.

Q: Does shutting down Calhoun give you guys some momentum?

Greenway: That was nice. It feels good to know that we are taking steps in the right direction. This week will be another step hat we need to take if we want to get to where we want as a defense. We have taken huge strides up front. I think that those guys see they can take another step, and maybe limit Maroney, because you won't stop, him, to 100 yards for the day, that would be huge for us.

Q: Will no longer playing alongside Abdul Hodge be the thing you miss the most?

Greenway: Absolutely. Playing with him and all of the seniors and all of the guys that I have had a chance to be around. Playing alongside him has been a great experience. I will miss that. Maybe with some luck we can play beside each other.

Q: Talk about the emotion of the final game and when you think it will hit you?

Greenway: It will be pretty emotional to see your parents on the field and know that you have watched this happen for four years now and for it to be your turn seems impossible for it to happen this fast. That is part of life and a part of college football. It's what makes college football great. It will set in over Thanksgiving when we are pheasant hunting, and we will realize that we are done at Kinnick. It will be a pretty crazy feeling, I am sure.

Q: Is the pig important to you?

Greenway: We are 1-1 in raveling trophy. We got the bull back and Floyd is our most decorated traveling trophy. I think that it might mean the most to us, especially because it means so much to our program this week. Floyd has been here for a long time and it means a lot to us to have it in the building right now. We want to keep it here another year.

Q: How important is this week for the mental state of this team?

Greenway: More than anything you have a feeling off of a loss…there is nothing a win won't cure. That is the feeling we have right now. It's a relief to win. If you lose two in a row, you want to change that and we did that last week. But if we end the year with a win against a good opponent, and we play well, even though we are 7-4 and not have the record we thought at the beginning of the year, we will be proud of ourselves to finish the way we have.

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