Senior Moment with Jovon Johnson

Jovon Johnson played for Iowa as a true freshman, getting an interception in his first game. He is still two picks off of Nile Kinnick and Devon Mitchell's career mark of 16. Though Minnesota does not throw all that much, he would still like a shot at the record. He talks about that as well as his last lap around Kinnick Stadium.

Q: Does it seem surreal that this is it for you?

Jovon Johnson: Yeah. It will be our last game. It's something that you don't want to happen, but we can't all play for another four years, so we have to get ready to move on. We have to go out on top and we have a big test this weekend.

Q: Do you wish you had four more years?

Johnson: I love college to death, but I can't look back. I have to move forward with my life and this is the next step.

Q: Is Kinnick's interception record something you are still gunning for?

Johnson: I thought about it, but it's not something that I care too much about at this point in my career. I wanted it bad, but if it doesn't come, it doesn't come. To be recognized as potentially breaking his record was special enough for me.

Q: You will have to help in bringing down Maroney in this game.

Johnson: He is a special back. He is a good mix of sped and explosion. He runs hard and is a great player. He will go high in the draft if he enters this year. We are going to have to be able to react and get to him as fast as we can, because you can't let him get outside and down field because he is amazing.

Q: Did you ever imagine how important a bronze pig would be to you?

Johnson: I never thought about it, but it's going to be something significant going into the game this weekend.

Q: Will you try to soak up the emotion?

Johnson: Maybe a little bit, but I will try not to let my emotions get away from me. I want to go out and play a game and stay composed and do what I do best.

Q: What is it like coming out of the tunnel?

Johnson: It's been an unreal feeling coming out of there and you have 70,000 fans screaming for you and none are against you except for that little corner. Other than that, the feeling is one that you can't really put into words.

Q: Talk about the importance of getting a win and getting a new streak going in Kinnick.

Johnson: The last time we were here, we took a loss to Michigan. We have to bounce back and get a new streak started and hopefully the guys next year can build on to that and make their record streak something that we did in our four years and try to break what we have done.

Q: Is there a big difference between six and seven wins?

Johnson: Yeah. Having a seventh win under your belt, bowl wise, it's something that everyone takes credit for. It helps you out. But we still have to go out and play and prepare as though we are still trying for our sixth win. That was when we showed how determined we were to win.

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