Young & Tate Talk Minnesota

Albert Yound and Drew Tate still have more games left at Kinnick Stadium, but that does not mean they don't want to win just as badly as the seniors do. The two backfield stars talk about this weeks game and Floyd of Rosedale.

Q: Do you get motivated to help out the defense?

Drew Tate: Yeah, I think so. Anytime we have the ball, wherever and whoever, it's our job to put the ball in the end zone. We did that sometimes. We started out slow against Wisconsin, but that was going to happen considering what was going on with that game and where it was. We knew that we had to get past that and start working.

Q: As a class, have the seniors provided leadership?

Tate: I think so. They have set the tempo and the tone for everything for this program. They have done an outstanding job.

Q: How much better is it to go into a bowl game with seven wins compared to six wins?

Tate: I have no idea.

Q: Would you feel more confident with the extra win?

Tate: I would rather worry about Saturday than a bowl game.

Q: When you look at the Minnesota defense, how is it different than last year?

Tate: I think it's very different. Last year when we played them, they did not blitz as much as they will, because of injuries. They have that this year. They are better as a unit. The offense has helped them out.

Q: What do you think about the pig?

Tate: What about it?

Q: You guys want to keep it. Do you think about that?

Tate: Let's just win this game and keep it here. The trophy will come, the seven wins will come. We have enough on our hands to worry about the game.

Q: Does the fact that your defense really stepped it up last week affect your mental preparation for this week?

Tate: No, I don't think so. We have the same attitude as we have had in the last 10 games and start fast and move well.

Q: Was last week the team's best game?

Tate: Not offensively. Maybe defensively, but not offensively.

Albert Young

Q: What do you think about Floyd?

Albert Young: It's a heavy trophy. It means a lot, because each trophy means something. It is a rivalry game and you don't want a team to come into our home field and run across the sideline and take it away. It means a lot to keep that trophy here in Iowa City.,

Q: How important is it to end the season with a win and have a good taste in your mouth getting ready for a bowl game?

Young: There will be a big gap between the last game and a bowl game. It's worse than going into a bye week with a loss. You definitely want to go into bowl prep with a win. That feeling that you have is a lot better after a win than a loss.

Q: Have you seen the stats that Minnesota has put up running the ball?

Young: I know that their third string guy ran for 200 the other day, so that says enough right there.

Q: Do you think it would be fun to be in that offense?

Young: Yeah, but it's not a discredit to anyone, I will say it for myself, the offensive line makes a difference. I am sure their offensive line is good just like ours. Their backs are taking advantage of what is there like I am doing with what my line is giving me. It all starts up front when you have so many guys like that that can just run for 200 on any given day.

Q: Are you feeling better since after the game?

Young: Definitely. I was banged up after that game. Even though there have been games where I had more carries, I took a few more big hits. I felt it after the ISU game, too. I am good now and ready to go today.

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